It's no secret that wearing makeup comes with a stigma. Women and men are constantly looked down upon for choosing to use their faces as canvases for expression. However, those that have not had the experience of applying makeup just might not understand the feeling that comes with it.

1. Entering Sephora or Ulta's basically like going to heaven.

2. Finding foundation that matches your skin perfectly

The gods have finally blessed you.

3. Perfecting your contour

Just looking at your chiseled cheekbones brings you to tears.

4. Finding that perfect highlighting product

Nothing says "ready to take on life" like a perfect sun-kissed glow.

5. Filling in your brows perfectly

OK but actually, nothing is more satisfying than perfectly filled in eyebrows.

6. Getting your eyeliner perfect

After 20 minutes in front of your mirror, screaming at your hand for not being able to draw two perfectly symmetrical wings, you finally got it, and it feels good.

7. Finding that perfect lip formula that doesn't make your lips feel like the Sahara desert

Why do matte lips look so good, but feel so bad?!

8. Checking your makeup hours after leaving your house and seeing that it's still perfect

Let's say a big thank you to primers and setting sprays.

9. Removing your eyelashes after a long day

Your eyelids become automatically 10 pounds lighter.

10. Rubbing your eyes after removing all of your eye makeup

Out of all of the feelings in the world, this just might be the best.