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I Love The South But Nothing Beats The Fall Up North

Pumpkins, leaves and cool weather makes for the best Fall.


Since moving to the South, I have loved every second of it. I love the trees here especially the palm trees. I love the constant warm weather except when it gets overly hot. I love being able to drive to the beach in the fall months and being able to sit and get a tan while everyone at home is bundled up in their warm clothing. The south has so many things I love but nothing quite compares to fall in the north.

Growing up in Pennsylvania I got to experience just about every season there is. The winters were always extremely cold and filled with snowy days while the spring season got warmer and the flowers and trees started to bloom. We always had hot summers that got worse as the months went on. Once September rolled around things eventually start to cool down.

Which brings the best season ever, in my opinion... Fall!! Fall in the north is the best for SO many reasons. Everywhere you go the leaves are changing and the weather is getting cool. I love being able to wear big sweaters and boots during the entire fall season. Nothing is better than wearing a big cozy sweater, jeans, and boots and going to your favorite market or pumpkin patch and enjoying the season.

Now I know in the Fall even in the south, you can deck your house out in fall decor to make it feel like the seasons are changing. All of the restaurants and coffee shops even feature special "fall" items. Even though the south has all of these fall-related things, I still hold my statement that fall is the best season when you're in the north.

Living in Pennsylvania during the seasons is great because you're close to all of the fall-related activities. You can be five minutes away from a giant pumpkin patch or even a corn maze. I was feeling in the mood to do some fall activities the other day so I decided to google where the nearest pumpkin patch was near me in Florida. Turns out it's not as close as I expected it to be.

No matter where I'm living and no matter what the weather is, Fall will forever be my favorite time of the year. But nothing in my eyes watching seasons change in the North. As much as I love palm trees and being able to see them every day, I miss seeing the leaves changing to multiple shades of orange and red. I love waking up and it is cool outside and the air feels crisp where I am able to throw on a sweatshirt and jeans and go.

My advice to anyone living in the south and hasn't been able to take a trip up north during the fall. GO! IT's a beautiful time of the year, the weather is perfect, and everything feels homier in the north during the fall. If you don't believe me, plan a trip and find out for yourself!

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