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5 Easy Ways To Be Happier Every Day

Find joy in the little things.

5 Easy Ways To Be Happier Every Day
Rebecca Horton

Everybody wants to be happy. It’s our main goal in life, right? History has proven that there’s no one way to be happy. Happiness happens individually, and personally. It’s what you create it to be. Over the past couple decades, psychologists have studied happiness and how to obtain it. These five things have been time-tested and shown to increase and enhance happiness.

1. Keep a journal 

Keeping a gratitude journal has been connected to improved overall well-being and happiness. Take five minutes a day to write down the positive things in your life, and to write about your life. Record your personal history to look back on someday.

2. Grow a garden 

Something about getting your hands dirty on purpose is gratifying and fulfilling. Become connected with the earth. Watching my plants thriving because of my care is one of the best feelings I've experienced. Not to mention tasty homegrown snacks!

3. Exercise

If you're like me, then the word "exercise" isn't generally a happy one. But exercise doesn't have to mean "work-out." You can exercise by biking, taking a hike, kayaking, or pretty much any form of movement you like. Physical activity can be a fun and even relaxing way to enhance happiness.

4. Be kind to yourself 

I don't just mean treat yourself to nice things. I mean genuinely care about yourself.

Don't downplay yourself in conversations with others. Saying negative things about yourself, even as a joke, can leave a negative impression on your brain.

Since I've stopped telling negative jokes about myself, my self-esteem and confidence have grown and I am happier and satisfied with myself and my abilities. Negative comments, even as a joke, are more harmful than you may think.

5. Write down your goals

Create personally meaningful goals for yourself. Decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Write them down, because not only will writing help you remember, but it's a kind of commitment to yourself.

You are more likely to achieve a goal when it is written down and planned ours. To get the most happiness out of it, write down goals that are personally valuable.

As I’ve practiced doing these things, I’ve noticed myself becoming happier, even subconsciously. I feel healthy mentally and physically. I can personally attest that by pursuing happiness, you will find it. Listen to the voice that tells you that you can, and you’ll become a better person for it!

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