We Could Have Killed Trump With Kindness

We Could Have Killed Trump With Kindness

Back in 2016 when Donald Trump was elected, we could have used kindess and guidance to steer him in the right direction.


When Trump became president our nation fell apart. In the past three years, democrats and republicans have been at each other's throats relentlessly.

Granted, these argumentive standpoints stem from a good cause but have been handled the wrong way. If the individuals against Trump had tried to teach him instead of bash him or tried to provide guidance instead of ridicule our country could be in a completely different place. we could have killed all that is hated about Trump with kindness.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for how our country has handled a controversial leader. Imagine the power our nation could hold if we came together instead of growing apart. Imagine if we had tried to educate those incompetent instead of hating and shunning. Alas, our country is basically in a civil war. Red versus blue, you versus them.

This country runs off hate. If people focus more on helping one another and educating one another over hating each other and fighting over different beliefs than this country could be in a much better state than where it is today.

The sad thing is we have all these investigations and allegations of everything that goes on around the fake news and the different new stations it turned everyone against each other. If everyone could put aside their differences and work together to come to a common understanding and a common ground we wouldn't have the harsh opposing sides and we wouldn't have all the ugly news lines for different politicians that we see every day.

If everyone works with a little bit of kindness and if everyone worked to help one another understand and educate one another it's incredible what we could accomplish. But instead we're here at each other's throat's every day and who knows if a new election will even fix the strong hatred that's torn this country apart.

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