Joining A Sorority Changed My Life In Ways That I Never Imagined, And I'm Forever Grateful
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Joining A Sorority Changed My Life In Ways That I Never Imagined, And I'm Forever Grateful

My life has changed for the better.

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If you had told me when I was a little that I would join a sorority, I would have laughed in your face.

There are many reasons why I never thought I would join a sorority. One of them is stereotypes, and the second is that one of the only words that I ever use to describe myself is shy. I've always been the type of person to hide in the shadows and veer away from crowds. This type of trait always made it really hard for me to make friends, so the idea of a big group of people scared me. Also, being homeschooled since fifth grade didn't help with my social or friend-making skills. However, that's part of the reason why joining a sorority was the perfect way at getting me to come out of my shell and force me to make friends. Actually, the funny thing is that I joined a sorority because a friend I made at college orientation rushed. She constantly talked about how amazing her sorority is, and she's the reason I felt such a strong calling to join one.

Sororities aren't like it is in the movies, and that's okay.

There is typical girl drama, but it isn't all stuck-up girls who only care about boys or partying. I remember being so nervous when going to my first sorority event. I will never forget that within ten minutes, a group of girls that I had never met before pulled me aside and ask if I wanted to be included in a picture with them. After taking the picture, they made me a part of their group and made sure there was room at the table for me to sit with them. Keep in mind, I had never met any of them, nor attended a single event before.

Joining a sorority has made me become the best version of myself.

I always felt that I was destined to be a follower, but ever since joining a sorority, I've felt a calling to be a leader in my chapter. I felt a calling to be involved, and I want to help better my sorority. This sense of leadership that I have gained has led to me becoming more confident in myself. I have started to believe that my words and actions have value. I believe that I can help make a change, even if it's on a small scale like helping my sorority.

I've met my people.

I never thought that I would meet people that would match my values and share the same type of interest in movies, music, or books. I always felt that I would have to change myself in order to have friends, like having to become a person that parties or that is only interested in things as long as they are popular. Joining a sorority has been the opposite. My sisters like me for who I am and what I value.

Joining a sorority allowed me to find my people - my second family.

I've found people that obsess over TV shows and listen to music other than pop. I've found people who like mini-golfing instead of going to a party, going to dinner, or just hanging together. I've found people that I feel I can turn to at any time and know that they will be there for me. I've found people that become like a second family. This family will not only last through my college years, but it will last a lifetime.

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