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How do us, as human beings, know what we deserve? Humans create such havoc and sins on the world, yet still expect to have all the gold.

Love and lust are two completely different things; lust is the addiction of feeling them under neath you, feeling them by your side when you close your eyes and wanting to feel their tongue on yours. Love; love is the most fucked up thing this world has to offer. Lust does not break you the way love does. Love can get up and walk away, love can destroy someone and turn them into something they never thought they would turn out to be. However, love is something that shows humans that we are alive, we are feeling. Love is what makes the world continue to rotate on its' axis, while lust fades slowly away with the dust in the sky. How do we know what we deserve though is the real question: do we deserve lust or do we deserve love?

As you look around and see what love gives people, you can see that love is the number one thing that is taken for granted. Love treats people to no extent; love does not have any boundaries, it does not give up nor does it hurt unless humans cause it too. Humans do not deserve to feel love until we have proven that it is appreciated and will not be taken for granted.

YOU are my lust and love. Sometimes, I watch you fade away with the dust in the sky and I can feel your touch drift away as you turn your back. I crave your skin, your touch, your smile and the sound of your heart beat. Your lust is my love; I look at you and I tell myself that this was never the plan. YOU and I were never the plan; YOU were never suppose to leave an impact on me the way you have. I wanted you from the very beginning but not the way you have made me feel now. YOU took my lust that I gave you and ran with it; when I gave you must lust, YOU took it and turned it into love.

When I look at you, I see things I have never seen or felt before. When I look at you, I see happiness walking and not just any happiness, but MY happiness. When I picture life at the end of the day, YOU are the person I picture standing there with me. YOU are the person who showed me lust is so little compared to love. YOU are the person who has shown me who I am within you; YOU are the person I want to thank for making me become the person I am today. YOU are so beautiful inside and out, I look at you and my breathe is taken away because I had no idea it was possible to love someone as much as I love you.

However, it is time to face the truth; our lust overpowers our love.

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