YouTubers You Must Check Out Now
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YouTubers You Must Check Out Now

They make you smile by just talking to a camera.

YouTubers You Must Check Out Now

I am pretty much completely obsessed with all things YouTube. I spend my nights watching an endless amount of videos from my favorite YouTubers. (I also make my own videos.) As time goes on, YouTube keeps getting bigger and bigger, therefore making it harder to find the best people to watch in a sea of content creators. So I am going to tell you the absolute best people to watch. These people make my day better. I hope they can do the same to you!

The BEST YouTubers:

1. SacconeJolys

The SacconeJolys are an Irish family living in England. They are my absolute favorite to watch on YouTube. They post daily vlogs (video blogs) about their life and all of the adventures they experience. The family consists of Anna, Jonathon, their daughter, Emilia (3), and their son, Eduardo (1). My love for this family is too real.

Here's Their Latest Vlog:

2. Niomi Smart

I love this girl! Her videos are well thought out and beautifully shot. Her personality is so down to earth and fun-loving. She is more of a lifestyle content creator. Her videos consist of things like “What I Eat in a Day,” “10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials, ”and “5 Ways To De-Stress.” (She is also vegan like me.)

(Her boyfriend, Marcus Butler, is also a YouTuber! He's great, too)

Here's One Of Her Videos:

3. Colleen Ballinger/Miranda Sings

Not only is Colleen’s alter ego, Miranda Sings, one of the funniest people on YouTube, but the actual person behind Miranda, Colleen Ballinger, is one of my favorite people ever. She’s hilarious, sweet, fun, and an amazing singer! Colleen has her own channel separate from Miranda Sings called PsychoSoprano. Colleen’s Corner is a segment she does where she answers fan questions. Those videos never fail to be hilarious. Most recently she did a really clever singing video called “Reading Mean Comments.” You have to check it out. SO WITTY AND HILARIOUS.



4. Jim Chapman

JIM IS AN AWESOME BRITISH DUDE. I enjoy both his vlog channel “EveryDayJim” and his regular channel. He is so funny and chill. I love just putting on his videos and doing homework. I find them really comforting. He was recently named the UK’s Best Dressed Man, SO HE’S STYLISH, TOO.

Latest Main Channel Video:

Jim's Latest Vlog:

5. Essena O’Neill

I am a vegan and I really love to watch other vegan YouTubers. Essena is one of my favorites! She’s gorgeous and super chill. Her “Get Healthy With Me” series is really helpful for any person, vegan or not. Essena is really open and positive. It is refreshing to here her wisdom and kind words.

Latest video:

6. Zoella

Zoe is definitely one of the most famous YouTubers, but I still love her! She’s one of those people who could read the phone book and it would still be interesting. She does a lot of haul, beauty, and fashion videos. She also does vlogs on her separate vlogging channel. Those are my favorites! I love seeing what she gets up to. (Plus she has a really cute pug named Nala.)

Newest Main Channel Video:

Newest Vlog:

7. Mantras and Mangos (Mary)

Mary is yet another vegan YouTuber! Mary is so spiritual and positive. Her vibes are very contagious. I love that she promotes self love and kindness. She is all about empowering people to be the best version of themselves.

Inspirational Video:

8. Tori Kelly

This girl has one of the best voices I have ever heard. She is so genuinely talented. Her career has taken off since the release of her debut album, "Unbreakable Smile." The way she was discovered was all through her YouTube channel. She is so raw and sings about such important topics. SO MUCH LOVE FOR TORI!!


This Song Shows Off Her Pipes:

Overall, I really love raw and real people. I am an expert in reading into someone's fake bull crap. I can tell immediately if someone gives good vibes. These people all seem so genuine. They bring so much joy by just turning on their camera.

Check Out My YouTube Channel!

Here's My Latest Video:

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