Jenna Marbles Teaches 3 Life Lessons
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3 Things Jenna Marbles Taught Us About Living

We can learn a lot from Jenna Marbles.

3 Things Jenna Marbles Taught Us About Living

OG YouTuber/BeauTuber Jenna Mourey (also known as Jenna Marbles) is one of my favorite content creators. She has been creating content since 2006 and has surpassed 18 million subscribers. She is best known for her video "How to Trick People into Thinking You're Good Looking" and other comedy-related content. She has been a positive influence for living free and being happy. These are 3 things Jenna Marbles has taught us with about life in her recent videos:

1. Do what you love

She creates the most entertaining, non-conventional content. When viewers/followers questioned her recent content, she said she is doing what makes her happy, "I have been having the greatest time. My videos are always really fun to make," said Mourey ("A Full Face of Rhinestones"). And we can't help but reply: Get that coin, sis. Content creators can be pressured by subscriber demands and can compromise on what they enjoy. Her content is about her life, animals, and hilarious videos as she entered the BeauTuber community. She has taught us to do what makes us happy and how positive it is to self-express. She does consider and sometimes creates requests from viewers, like "Making My Dog a Bed Out of Soap", or "A Bald Cap Full of Eyelashes". It is, after all, what the internet is for.

2. Experimenting is fun

In the past year, Jenna Marbles has created content where she alters her appearance. She has fearlessly bleached her face, braided objects into her hair, and baked a Sour Patch Kid into her gel nails. Her journey into the BeauTuber community has been amazing and entertaining. The moral of her story is this: Have fun experimenting to find your beautiful self. She doesn't edit out the fails of her journey to be the most beautiful person in the world and she wants us to learn along the way and in our own personal journeys. Thank you, Jenna, for damaging your hair and nails in the name of science.

3. Be versatile

Jenna Marbles' content is never the same or even similar each week. She has spanned from reaction compilations to app reviews to cooking, etc. Her content is always new and Irish Spring Soap fresh. In her journey of trying new things, she's experienced so much trial and error, but she doesn't lose hope. She encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and try different things. What is most important is the journey, not the destination.

YouTube Creators play a substantial role in the lives of their viewers. We are a part of their life stories and their subscriber family. These are the three valuable life skills that Jenna Marbles has taught us about life. Stay tuned every Thursday/Friday for more beauty articles, BB.

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