Youtube Culture Sets Unrealistic Standards
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Youtube Culture Sets Unrealistic Expectations For What An Average Life Looks Like

Youtube culture us setting unrealistic standards for what the life of an average teenager or young adult looks like.

Youtube Culture Sets Unrealistic Expectations For What An Average Life Looks Like

Youtube is a platform flourishing with a diverse collection of creators who all bring something unique to the table. The website is free and accessible to viewers and profitable for the company.

Youtube began sweeping the nation in recent years as creators and influencers have turned their online presence into nationwide fame. The impact that these creators have on the public has increased dramatically. The recent drama between James Charles and Tati Westbrook is proof as it shook Youtube and Twitter drawing millions of views, tweets and subscribers for both people within hours.

Youtube is scattered with young high school and college-age girls and guys who brand themselves as an average and relatable teenager or young adult.

Many of these creators truly do lead a relatively average life taking classes, working part-time and attempting to maintain a healthy balance between work and school. However, many of these girls are so far from average. They live in big cities, make money off of sponsorships and brand collaborations, travel every month and no longer attend school. To myself and many other students, this lifestyle is not remotely relatable nor attainable. Is the content entertaining and enjoyable? Definitely! But is this an average or relatable lifestyle? For most people, no.

Vloggers, although it is often unintentional, are creating false expectations for young and impressionable viewers. Influencer culture is setting unrealistic standards for what the life of an average teenager or young adult looks like.

Vlogs show the highlight reels, not the real reel (shoutout to Natalie Barbu's podcast because it's my favorite). Naturally, influencers will want to showcase the pretty parts of life, everyone does, but as viewers, it's important to keep in mind that most of the time, social media is a highlight reel.

Instead of branding these larger influencers as average people, it's okay to recognize that Youtube has opened doors for these people to live a different lifestyle. They create entertaining and quality content, but it doesn't have to be branded as "normal," because it simply is not the norm for many viewers.

Sometimes it's nice to step outside of your own life and into someone else's through daily vlogs, but it is so important to keep in mind that this is their life, not yours, and that's completely okay!

There are so many Youtubers and influencers, both large and small, who are talented, kind and bring so much light and love to their audience. But it is important to be transparent and honest with your audience and with yourself. There are a lot of aspects of influencer's lives that are just out of reach for many of us viewers, and that's okay! It just is something that should be acknowledged more often.

Influencers, continue to spread light and be honest and empathetic towards your audience. Viewers, remember that your life is beautiful and special in its own ways on both the Instagram perfect and the unfiltered days.

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