11 Youtube Channels You Need To Start Watching
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11 Youtube Channels You Need To Start Watching

A list of some of the most amazing Youtube channels out there.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

I have been a huge fan of Youtube ever since I was a child. I used to even have my own channel where I posted fashion and beauty videos with the occasional song cover thrown in.

I still watch Youtube at least several times a week and I wanted to share some of my favorite channels. (In no particular order)

1. Abby Asselin

Abby Asselin is a college student at the University of Alabama who posts lifestyle videos. She frequently posts "day in my life" videos and try on hauls. Abby just seems like a very genuine person and she helps me want to be as productive as she is.

2. Jaclyn Brooke

Jaclyn Brooke is such a sweetheart. She is a Christian youtuber who posts a lot of vlogs, hauls, and favorites videos each month. She isn't afraid to share her faith with her viewers and I admire her a ton.

3. Milena Ciciotti

Milena Ciciotti could quite possibly be my favorite youtuber at the moment. She and her husband Jordan just had their daughter Alethea so there are a lot of videos about being a young mom being posted. Milena also posts hauls, makeup/ beauty related videos, and personal vlogs. She also is a Christian youtuber and keeps Christ in the center of her life.

4. gabbyreads

Gabbyreads is my favorite booktuber. If you haven't heard of booktube, it's basically just the part of youtube that focuses on books. She is really funny and is consistent in posting new videos. She reviews books does recommendation videos, and monthly "wrap-ups" of all the books she's read each month. If you love to read you will love Gabby!

5. ShaelinWrites

ShaelinWrites is a young writer finishing up her degree in Creative Writing. She makes very helpful writing videos that cover various parts of the writing process. I have found her to be very knowledgable in creative writing and her videos are well organized. She encourages me to continue fiction writing.

6. Reese Regan

I have watched Reese Regan for a very long time now! She is a college student at Temple University who makes a lot of organizational and studying videos. She also has more fun videos too, such as makeup tutorials and health-related videos. Reese also just got her puppy, Zoë so I expect to be seeing a lot more videos with her in them.

7. Kristin Johns

Kristin Johns is a very sweet youtuber who posts vlogs, hauls, beauty videos, challenges with her husband, and personal chit chats. She and her husband Marcus and so adorable and I look up to them so much. I love her unique style and personality.

8. Chelsea Crockett

I have watched Chelsea Crockett the longest out of any channel on this list. She used to primarily to makeup tutorials when she was younger but now posts more vlogs, videos with her husband, and occasionally fashion videos. She and her husband just recently got their dog Wally and will probably post about him some more.

9. Jess and Gabriel

Jess and Gabriel are a young married couple. Gabriel is from Florida and Jess is from Australia. The two of them make the perfect pair and they are famous for their vlogs. They also do challenges and singing videos together. Their relationship is very genuine and entertaining to watch.

10. Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons is my favorite fitness youtuber. She is very inspirational and posts high-quality workout videos as well as clothing hauls and other health/food-related videos. Whitney has such a great sense of humor and watching her videos always puts me in a good mood!

11. Maddie and Elijah

Maddie and Elijah are a very cute couple who posts challenges, pranks, vlogs, and special moment videos. They are college-aged and are a fun couple to keep up with. They like to joke around with each other a lot and play pranks which are entertaining.

So, if you get a chance this summer you should definitely check out some of my recommendations. I love all of these channels so much and think you will too!

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