4 Youtube Channels You Should Check Out
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4 Youtube Channels You Should Check Out

YouTube is a great place to watch great people

4 Youtube Channels You Should Check Out

Dom Zeglaitis

Dom Zeglaitis also known as Durte Dom is a YouTube personality from a group of vlogging friends called the Vlog Squad. The squad includes big names in the YouTube world like David Dobrik and Jason Nash. Out of all of the members of the vlog squad, it can be said that Dom is one of the least appreciated. Dom has a one-of-a-kind laugh and an enigmatic personality. The content Dom posts on his YouTube channel is short, yet entertaining. Dom's content, although more appealing for a younger age group, is definitely worth a watch.

Peter Monn

Peter Monn is the reason I initially thought to write this article. Monn is one of the oldest YouTubers I have ever had the pleasure to watch, but his age does not stop or hold him back. On his multiple channels, Monn is open and honest about his life and the many struggles he has endured and survived. His content ranges from book reviews to pop culture criticisms, with a dabble of everything else in between. He is one of the kindest and most charismatic personalities on the platform. Peter deserves, at least, a million more subscribers. His daily vlogs are engaging. His main channel videos are hysterical. His book review videos are delightful. His Peterisms channel is needed and absolutely necessary. Peter Monn is a class act Youtuber who deserves so much more clout and attention than he currently receives.

Elle Lindquist

Who does not love a "mommy vlogger"? Elle Lindquist is a stay-at-home mother of two adorable children, Forde and Cohen, hailing from Canada. Elle is, by far, one of the most inspiring mommy vloggers on YouTube. If you were to only watch one or two of her videos, you would think that Elle lives a picture perfect life. You would never know that she is a survivor of abuse and has persevered through a life of dysfunction. On her channel, Elle gets real and raw with her viewers. She discusses her struggles of managing her own life while being responsible for two smaller ones. Elle takes on the challenges of life by meeting adversity with positivity and faith. The inspiration of Elle Lindquist lies in the way she handles everything that life throws at her. She is a beacon of light, hope, and happiness in the darkness that the internet can be.

Five Two Love

This couple has 7 kids. Should I mention that five of those kids are quintuplets? Five Two Love is a channel I recently encountered while watching birth vlogs. In my recommended area I saw the title "First Time Holding All Five Babies" and I was floored. Skyler and Jamie Scott are the parents to seven adorable children who vlog bits and pieces of their life. Unlike the other channels mentioned in this article, this YouTube channel does not have many videos posted. The first video on this channel was posted only seven months ago, so this is a fairly new channel. The content posted is cute and lighthearted as we, the viewers, are given brief glimpses into what life is like for a family of nine.

YouTube is an amazing platform that gives us all the chance to have brief glimpses into the lives of people we would have never encountered in real life. If you have the spare time to sit back and watch someone else's life today, I would suggest viewing at least one of these awesome channels.

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