An Open Letter To My Mom-Mom

Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for going to all of my award shows, concerts, and everything where I needed a parent.

You were my stand-in parent since my mom was always working and providing for me.

Thank you for getting me through the rough times: the breakups--friend and significant other, the bad days: when I found out about my mental illnesses, the days where I got bad grades, the days where I felt like I wasn't good enough. You were always there for me. You always made sure I felt good afterward.

You always took time for me. You always made sure I was okay, happy, and didn't need anything. You gave your time, love, and support. Honestly, that's all I've ever needed from anyone.

Once I got to college, you made sure I settled in. Even though I'm a little far away, you still check up on me constantly. You worry about me if we don't talk for a week. I can (and do) tell you everything. I know that some days you will be disappointed in me for the stupid things I do, and you do tell me that. But, you still support me. You support me no matter what I do.

Last summer when I was having issues with alcohol, you supported me. You told me "hey that's probably not a good idea". But you still supported me no matter what. You never TELL me what to do. You make valid suggestions, but its never a demand. I commend you for that.

When me and my boyfriend would get into a huge fight and I'd say "I'm breaking up with him", you supported me. 5 hours later when I changed my mind, you still supported me.

All you want is for me to be happy. Everything you do shows that. You make me happy. You make me feel valid and special.

I am so thankful I have someone like you in my life. Yes, you are my mom-mom, my grandmother, but you act like my parent and best friend every single day.

I can't imagine not having you around. The stories you tell from when you were younger, I tell everyone. You were such a badass--and still are. The time you hitch-hiked to Florida (from PA), the time you beat your boyfriend when he was sleeping because he hit you. You always stand up for yourself. You do that while also having a heart of gold. You care about every single person so greatly I don't know how your heart doesn't burst from your chest.

I know how much I mean to you as well. You always telling everyone, even your daughters, that I'm your favorite. You also tell me all the time how proud you are of me in the middle of our shit-talks. I love you Mommom and I could never thank you enough for all that you do for me, for how much you care and love me.

If I believed in a higher power, I'd thank him or her for you every single day. Right now, I just want to thank you.

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