You're A Dreamer, So What?
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You're A Dreamer, So What?

We have high hopes, long-lived desires that may only sit in our hearts, unheard of to anyone but ourselves. There's no shame in wanting to chase those "what if's" and find your “Great Perhaps," whatever it may be.

You're A Dreamer, So What?

This one is for the dreamers.

The artists, visionaries, creators, and innovators.

From the sappy romantics to the star-eyed, silver lining searchers.

The ones who think with their heart and use their head to imagine a world unlike no other.

You're a dreamer, your mind may be up in the clouds and your feet slightly off the ground, but nonetheless, you are here.

Where is "here?" Well, there's no actual answer to that. You're the passion-sparker among your crowd. You help inspire people to reach for something just outside their grasp.

You're here: A place where life isn't just black and white, but vivid shades of fuchsia, turquoise, and gold.

The term "dreamer" may sound too child-like, but if it wasn't for those people, we wouldn't have made half of the discoveries known today. You don't necessarily have to fit into just one category, most of us don't, we're also realists and doers. Yet it's that little flame that connects us to the one thing we all have in common: We could all use a bit of hope.

That bit of hope manifests itself in millions of ways: It's picturing yourself on a long-awaited vacation or working towards a career you've always adored. Even as simple as imagining yourself accomplish a daunting task.

Granted, sometimes we tend to dance along the line of realistic and unlikely, but what's the shame in not wanting to settle?

Maybe we daydream about falling in love. Maybe the possibility of publishing a piece of work and "making it" is the last thing you think of before bed. Or of breaking past precedents and doing something uncommon and unheard of to those around you.

If that's the case, well, accept it or not, you're a dreamer, just like the rest of us.

We think, reason, delegate, but most importantly: We hope.

We hope for the best, for the future, and for the unknown, that it may greet us with everything we've ever wanted and more.

Having dreams and aspirations for ourselves keeps us light, it keeps us anchored in a world where not everything is "cherries on top," a place where it can be easy to get caught up in the black and white and forget about all those other wonderful colors.

It's good to stay level-headed and aware that some things may not be completely achievable, however, sometimes having your head in the clouds does just the trick for breaking outside of the box of what we already know.

Those dreamers are scattered all across history. From Aristotle, to Edison, to Jobs, to Gates, to Disney, they've existed since the beginning of time. People probably thought they were odd for having different ideas, did that stop them?

All those people were dreamers, and there's millions more out there, that includes you. Call it cliche, call it sappy, but sometimes we deserve a lot more credit than what we give ourselves. While it may not be envisioning some earth-shattering idea, we're out here changing the world, changing OUR world with each galaxy-filed thought that comes our way, and isn't that what matters the most?

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