Coming to college, everyone told me not to expect my roommate to be my best friend, especially since I had never met her before. However, as our first year progressed, my roommate went from a random person I found on Facebook and chatted with on Instagram for a few days, to becoming the best friend I could've ever found.

If you relate to these 11 things, your roommate is probably your best friend, too.

1. You bicker like an old married couple.

No, I don't have a key. What do you mean you don't have the key? You said you were bringing the key!

2. But you also act like each other's mom.

One time I actually yelled at my roommate to get her to do her statistics homework and had to lecture her on the importance of doing it. She has to remind me to put on sunscreen and then lecture me when I forget anyways and get burned.

3. You don't know what to do when they go home for the weekend.

Wait, so you mean I have to go two whole days without you? Looks like I'm staying in bed watching Netflix and not eating all day.

4. You feed each other.

The moment your roommate brings you a Chick-fil-a biscuit for breakfast so you don't have to get out of bed, you know she's a keeper.

5. Sometimes you say things just to annoy each other.

Kylo Ren? He isn't even hot. Slytherin? The worst Hogwarts house. Convince me I'm wrong.

6. You start talking like each other.

She always says "bummer", so now I always say "bummer".

7. All your Instagram posts are with each other.

And your Facebook posts and your profile pictures and your lock screens and your entire camera roll...

8. You're so used to each other being weird that you don't even judge anymore.

My roommate has sat on the futon and watched me spill fresh out of the microwave easy mac all over myself and fall to the ground crying while trying to clean it up without even being fazed. All she said was "do you want to watch Twilight?"

9. You have shows you only watch together.

Bachelor Mondays. Survivor Wednesdays. Grey's Anatomy Thursdays. Supernatural on Netflix. Handmaid's Tale and Lost on Hulu.

​10. You treat their successes like your successes.

You aced that test? You finished that paper? You got that position you applied for? HECK YES, THAT'S MY ROOMIE!

11. You plan your future together.

You plan your room for next year because you're living together again. You talk about being in each other's weddings because you know you're in it for the long-haul and that this friendship isn't going anywhere.