The future is something that is always on my mind, such as where do I want to live? What do I want to do for a career? What will my life be like? What will make me the happiest? What should i strive for? Where should I apply? Do I take the first shot i get or wait for the right one? Do I want to stay in Massachusetts or start a life far from where I grew up?

I am sure that all upcoming seniors in college are having thoughts about this, if not then it is just me stressing myself out.

Internships are helping with the process of finding what I like and dislike. This is better to find out early in life what you dislike before getting a job in that career and changing it later on in life. While one may love real estate, someone may hate it. Everyone has different passions in life, which is a wonderful thing.

I came to realize whenever I talk about real estate, people will say to me "wow you are really passionate about this" which allows for me to think to myself maybe this is the path I should be taking.

What if I take the wrong career path or life path in general. I have one life and want to make the most out of all my opportunities. Growing up with a million different passions, it is hard to find the perfect one for life. Real estate for me is the path that I hope to take in the future.

I hope that everyone finds their passion in the career path that they take!!