10 Thoughts You Have Whenever You Drink Kombucha

Ok first up – what even is kombucha? My friends, kombucha is a straight up LIFE CHANGER. So technically it’s fermented tea. But don’t let that stop you! Kombucha is filled with probiotics and is good for your tummy AND it’s also low on calories! If you’ve yet to experience the ‘buch, go grab one, let out your inner hippy, and enjoy.

1. Trying kombucha for the first time

2. Feeling your digestion almost immediately improve

3. Wanting to try every brand and flavor

4. Connecting with your fellow 'buch buds

5. Starting to heavily rely on daily kombucha to poop

6. Advocating for more kombucha drinking

7. Convincing your friends that "you can't choose the kombucha, the kombucha must ~choose you~"

8. Reassuring people some people take longer to get hooked, and others don't at all

9. Feeling pretty damn healthy every time you finish a bottle

10. Checking your bank account and realizing kombucha costs a pretty penny

What are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a 'buch!!

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