I'm sure we all have the basic social media platforms: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and maybe even Facebook if you need to stay up to date on school events. However, something I hate about all of these apps is the feeling of competition pervading each post. There is a pressure for your life to appear perfect in the way that you present it on these forms of social media. But a huge platform that all girls should be adding to their daily social media routine is Pinterest, precisely for the reason that it lacks this aspect of competition.

Maybe you think that Pinterest is just for stay-at-home moms or older women looking for knitting patterns. But the platform actually has a huge community of young women, and the content on the site provides something for everyone without the need to reel in a large number of likes or comments. As the name suggest, this social media platform invites inspiration rather than competition.

Let's say you're into fashion. All you need to do is type "Fall fashion 2019" into the search bar, and soon you'll be endlessly scrolling through outfit inspiration for your next October look. Or perhaps you want to know how to style that denim jacket you just thrifted; try plugging in "denim jacket outfit" into the search bar.

Pinterest doesn't only have applications in fashion. I use Pinterest whenever I want inspiration for my notes for class; search "studyspo" and you'll find dozens of photos of handwritten notes with bolded titles and pastel highlighters. There's nothing like browsing through the neat, precise notes of other students to motivate you to start reading your psychology textbook for the week!

If you're having a rough day, try "motivational quotes." If you want a healthy recipe to cook up for your next meal, try "easy pasta dinner." If you need a new makeup look for a party tonight, try "Naked palette eyeshadow." The possibilities are truly endless.

The best part of Pinterest is that you can save all your ideas to your "boards," allowing you to create a virtual pinboard where you collect all your favorite ideas. I have boards for school, fashion, beauty, quotes, photography, and more. You can upload your own content or "repin" images from other users on the site. If you don't have space to make your vision board on a physical posterboard, it can now be done online!

Pinterest inspires me today and for my future. It helps me look cuter, study harder, and work towards my future goals. I can pin photos of what I want my future home to look like, outfits I can make with my new converse, the best Christmas cookie recipes, and workout routines I want to try. If you want a community not focused on likes and retweets but rather on collecting images and graphics that are important, inspiring, and helpful to you, then you need to make a Pinterest account today. You'll wonder why you hadn't done it sooner!