Your Guide to Thrift Shopping Like a Champ
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Your Guide to Thrift Shopping Like a Champ

The tips to make your purchases count

Your Guide to Thrift Shopping Like a Champ
Jared Hobson

Thrift shopping is the way to go nowadays for ethical and inexpensive shopping. Second hand shops like Salvation Army and Goodwill not only help in some meaningful charity work and also supplies clothing at attainable prices for people. Now that I've been thrifting for awhile, I can't even stand the often boring and overpriced clothing at most stores, especially with my quirky and unorthodox style. As a seasoned thrifter, here are my tips to finding the best buys at your local thrift shop.


The absolute best thing you can find at the thrift store are the prints. Whether it's a button up, cardigan, or V-neck, the thrift store is the place to find eclectic and vintage prints. Especially for those who are going for a unique look, prints are the way to spice up the button up/sweater combination or solid colored pants.

2.Button Ups and Bulky Sweaters

Bulky sweaters are the usual fare for most people entering a second hand store. However, both the bulky sweater and the button up are by far the best aspects of thrift shop offerings. Button ups usually have diverse textures and prints that make them such great buys at a thrift store and the bulky sweaters either go great with your button up purchase, or have that vintage, 80s dad feel that's been the latest trend.

3. Floral Skirts and More Floral Skirts

The best thing you get for formal wear at a thrift store is a floral skirt. They are a professional length, a timeless pattern, and usually are always popping up at thrift stores. Often overlooked because some may find the floral skirt a tad infantile, they actually can work for a spring style or folksy vibe.

4. Men's T-Shirts and Henleys

The vintage men's t-shirt with the name of that old high school club or community organization is just as good as any graphic t-shirt found at a name brand store. As well, there tend to be band t-shirts or other fare in this section. There tend to be more graphics in the men's department and a great crew neckline that looks great with casual jeans or shorts.

5. Vests

Vests are so much fun at thrift stores. Be it the horrid holiday vest for that cheesy party or stylish add ons for a multitude of outfits, vests are hard to find anywhere but a thrift store. They are an unconventional move and one that often adds flavor to a conservative outfit.

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