Everyone talks about the perks of having a partner, or how annoying it is how one friend will slowly disappear when they get in a relationship. But, actually, there are some benefits to your gain as well when your friend is in a relationship.

1. Double dates

Obviously, this one only works if you have a partner as well. But what a great time! You basically get to go on a date with your best friend while your SO’s just chill and get to know each other (and hopefully become BFF’s, too).

2. You basically gain another friend

SO’s usually hang around a lot. Which is cool if they’re cool. You get to gain another friend just by being around them so much. Effortless friendship? Heck yes.

3. Another soul to save you

We’ve all (well, hopefully not all) have had those nights out where you and your friends get a little too rowdy and need to call for reinforcements to save your souls. This is where you or your friends' significant other can swoop in and save the day when they choose to stay in or just randomly appear at a blink of an eye. Your friends are always texting them, so they are only a message away.

4. Rides

I’m not sure why this always happen to me, but I usually end up needing a ride to my friend’s apartment before a night out and seriously, shout out to my friend’s boyfriends who have picked me up and taken me there. You guys rock.

5. The Ups and the Downs

If you and your friends are all in relationships, then you’re all kind of in the same boat. You can cry on each other's shoulders and go drown in ice cream if you, or they, get into a little argument with the SO’s. It’s pretty nice to be there for someone and to have someone right next to you that can sympathize with, because we all know significant others can be cool but friends always come first.