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The Beatles, Led Zeppelin , Woodstock , Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Queen, Prince, Ac/Dc, Farm Aide, Lollapalooza, Pink Floyd, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam and more importantly the greatest of all time Eddie Vedder.

What do all of these things have in common besides being some of the greatest musicians of all time? They all had one person (The Same) in attendance at some concert of theirs.

Growing up, Cathie protested at her highschool for equality , and she even came in close contact with the KKK and got into a fight with them. She had been in Teen Beauty Pageants

Besides being a great fan and lover of music, Catherine Roth was someone who helped people in all walks of life. or i guess animals in all walks of life. (Dogs and Humans). She is someone who had helped kids who had cancer meet their icon , such as Chicago Bears player, Walter Peyton.

Cathie worked with an organization that that provides eyeglasses for people all over the world .

Cathie has been to the Governors Ball of Illinois when Thompson was the Governor of Illinois. She even was also a cheerleader for Peter Bensinger when he ran for sheriff of Illinois. She even the swearing in of an American President (Ronald Reagan) .

Cathie was at Disney the year it opened. She at one point was in New Orleans and she threw beads off a balcony in the French quarters.

I remember the day I met Cathie , she told me that the first concert she had ever seen was The Beatles. I became jealous of her from that moment on. I always wanted to experience Beatlemania, but sadly was born too far after both The Beatles broke up and the death of John Lennon. For me personally, my favorite beatle is Paul McCartney. I really tend to enjoy his melodic take on songs and I enjoy his solo material quite a bit. I enjoy all of the Beatles solo material.

Cathie looked beyond the music when it came to The Beatles. Cathies favorite Beatle with George Harrison. (Which by the way, the day I am writing this (February 25th 2018) would have been Georges 75th birthday.) Anyway, Cathie viewed George more as a family man than the other Beatles were.

People win big on jeopardy when they can answer something about a fact that not too many people would know, or at least not too many people would know as common knowledge. One time Cathie won a VCR just because she was able to name all of the Brady Bunch kids.

Tattoos are something that people use to express themselves in many ways. One of Cathies proudest moments in her life is being the mother to her daughter Amanda. She has a Tattoo of Tinker Bell and near that it says "Amanda." She also has the last note her mom wrote to her tattooed on her arm. One of her favorite things about herself is that she is from Chicago, and being from Chicago, she is proud to have the Chicago Flag on her always as a tattoo.

Cathie has one daughter and that daughter is everything too Cathie. Cathie finds strength in taking care of her daughter. If anything makes people stronger, it is love and support from family. Cathie Loves Amanda and Amanda Loves Cathie.

If Cathie had one thing to say to the world , it would be, "Never ever dismiss anyone or anything. You never know the impact that you can and will make in someone’s life by just being you. Don’t not believe in your instincts. You can make a smile on a persons face or a animal to feel love."

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