I Took Computer Science And Didn't Regret It

I Took A Computer Science Class This Semester Just For The Fun Of It—And I Didn’t Regret It

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I, like many of my college first-year peers, have no idea what my major is going to be yet. Sure, I have some inklings of what I enjoy and what I do or don't want to do in the future, but who's to say that what I major in in college will really determine my career? And how do I know I'll still be enjoying that in ten years?

Me having my third existential crisis of the week. media2.giphy.com

These existential thoughts run through my head a lot more than I'd like to admit. So to cope with that, I started taking a bunch of classes that I normally wouldn't have. Last fall I took classes on economics, linguistics, and Chinese philosophy. They weren't bad at all, considering I didn't have very high expectations for them in the first place. This spring, I kept this mindset as I signed up for my first ever computer science class.

Admittedly, I was pretty anxious and unsure about this decision, but I had heard good things about the class (things like "it's a great introduction to comp sci!" and "it's hard, but it's worth it") and I wanted a challenge. I had no experience, but I was determined to gain something from this class.

Of course, there was a learning curve involved with the beginning of this class. Most of the class were beginning coders, and we needed to understand the fundamental concepts behind computer science before trying to write any programs. There was a lot of terminology that I had to memorize and apply to the problems that we were given. Additionally, I had to alter my entire way of thinking because the logic of computers does not necessarily match up to human logic. It was definitely one of the interesting introductions to a topic that I had ever gone through.

Comp-mewwww-ter science!! media0.giphy.com

As the semester progressed, I found myself thinking more like a programmer and finishing my programs faster. It was actually starting to become fun- like a puzzle that I had to figure out, with all the pieces spread out in front of me. All I needed to do was piece them together.

This class comes to a close, but I've honestly really enjoyed it. And I still don't know what my major will be, but maybe computer science is now on the table. This just goes to show that there is nothing to lose from trying something new, whether that is a new hobby, a class, or a new TV show. As the saying goes, you only live once; don't live that life not trying things out of fear!

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

When computers were not that much common, several computer applications weren’t available- one being the Keyboard. At the time computers were first invented, operators usually used punching cards as typing machine, slowly & slowly, time to time new technologies invented. Some operators now were unknown about Keyboard. Operators now depend more on mouse for doing all computer’s activity.

Computer operators now shine with smiles because several keyboard shortcuts are available which make their work easy and smooth. Input data to computer became very easy and faster with these keyboard shortcuts.

Now comes straight to the point: What are these Shortcuts?

Shortcut keys somewhat refers to giving instructions to the computer or to give a command through keyboard. Certain number of keys are available to pass info to the computer instead of mouse. Computer operator finds this shortcut keys option more suitable because it is easier than dragging a mouse.

This method is one of fastest and easiest to send input to the computer. Many users find it difficult to operate the keys shortcuts because they are doing it first time or they are not master in performing. Once you are able to master, you can do any big data entry work or any other in quick minutes.

As technology is improving day by day, new updates held, several more things are coming out in near future. Users also create their own set of keyboard shortcuts like in some operating systems, such as mac. They are able to create their own mac keyboard shortcuts keys set, however the user can’t create keyboard shortcuts for general purpose.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

These are varies different for apps or for programs that you are running on your computer. Once you are able to master handling these shortcuts, windows operating system there are some pre-defined shortcuts like:

CTRL + Tab used to swith between dialog box and windows tab.

Escape used for cancel.

Home/ Windows is use to start from the starting.

End used to end or break the line.

As I said once you get master, you can use these above in all applications.

Some of the shortcuts used for Webpages/Browsers like:

There are enormous shortcuts are available for Google Engine which are listed below.

Left Arrow – Used to move a character/word left

Right Arrow - Used to move a character/word right

Down Key – Used to go below of any page

End – Used to end or break the line as I mentioned above.

Also available some shortcuts while selecting any text or paragraph like if you want to select any word just click double and triple click to select whole paragraph.

Advantages of Using Shortcuts:-

By Using Keyboard instead of mouse saves a lot of time, It helps to type faster and accurate. Instead of moving mouse from one place to another, just use single keyboard shortcut. It saves lot of time inturn saves cost and output is better from this.

Disadvantages of Using Shortcuts:-

As I mentioned above these shortcuts varies from different programs to different applications. You have to pro and learn different shortcuts for different applications or programs. That’s why some users still stick to mouse.

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