If you haven't heard about it, there's a new Netflix original show out there called "You". The main character is played by Penn Badgley, who you might know as Dan from Gossip Girl.

This show is super creepy, with twists that you aren't expecting. It goes from pretty innocent to extremely dark very fast.

The show starts off with Penn Badgley's character, Joe, meeting a girl in the book store where he works. It's a very innocent encounter... they flirt a little until the girl, Beck, goes on her way. Your first thought may be, "Maybe something will happen between them." Something certainly happens... Without spoiling anything for those who haven't watched, Joe starts to stalk her, leading to a series of unfortunate events.

Yes, this is just a show with made-up events that are dramatized to make it entertaining for the viewer. When you think about it though, this is a real thing that women everywhere are terrified of happening to them.

Girls everywhere are terrified of meeting a man somewhere just once, and them thinking and they were being flirty, when they were simply being nice. This is a genuine fear of women, the same women who are scared to walk alone at night, and who maybe carry their keys in their hands as a makeshift weapon, just in case.

Watching this show made me realize that this is such a real thing, and I know some of my friends were scared to watch it because it's such a real thing that could happen.

This show was great, I highly recommend it, and I'm excited for hopefully a new season.

If you watch it, however, just remember that this is a real thing that can happen, and something to be aware of.