Summer is the perfect time to expand your horizons, by yourself, with family, or with friends. Whether you're doing a study abroad program or relaxing by a beach somewhere, escaping to Europe or just adventuring a few hours from your hometown, traveling this summer could help you grow and learn more - about new places and yourself.

1. To get you out of your comfort zone.

Traveling to new places gives you the chance to get out of your ordinary routine and try things that you wouldn't normally try.

2. For the new experiences.

Maybe you'll travel somewhere you don't know the language, or to a culture you never got the chance to go. Summer is the time for experiencing things you might not have otherwise gotten the chance to.

3. To learn more.

It doesn't matter where you're traveling to, or what you're doing when you're there: you can learn something about everywhere you go. Go out and get involved, see the sights, be a tourist.

4. To gain new perspectives.

You might be going through some issues, or just stuck in a rut creatively. Either way, new sights will heighten your senses and will probably make you be more productive when you return home.

5. To meet new people.

You never know what friends you'll make and people you'll meet in your travels.