You Know You're Obsessed With Oasis When...
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You Know You're Obsessed With Oasis When...

How many of these typical Oasis fan behaviors do you partake in?

You Know You're Obsessed With Oasis When...
Stefan de Batselier

Oasis is one of the biggest bands of our generation and one of my favorite bands of all time. They have a huge fan base of people who were there at the height of Britpop in the '90s and a new generation of kids who are now getting into their music. Whether you're an old or young fan, you know that one cannot simply just like Oasis. They're the type of band that you either worship or hate. If you do worship them like I do, you probably do some or all of the following:

1. You wear Pretty Green. (Girls too!)

You love Liam Gallagher’s mod and paisley clothing line, which he started in 2009 before Oasis split up. You definitely have some Pretty Green in your wardrobe, whether it’s jackets, polo shirts or desert boots, and if you consider yourself a serious Oasis fan, you wear that paisley with pride.

2. You love a good parka.

Liam Gallagher is known for his love of parkas, whether it’s his classic white parka that he wore to Glastonbury 2004 or his Union Jack parka that he wore to Isle of Wight with Beady Eye in 2011. As an Oasis fan, you understand the importance and classic look of a great parka and wearing one makes you feel just a little more like Liam.

3. You do a mean impression of Liam’s onstage stance.

Liam’s also famous for his cool onstage stance where he stands with his hands behind his back, he holds tambourine in his hand and he has his microphone pointed down at an angle. Most people can imitate Liam’s iconic stance whether they’re an Oasis fan or not, but Oasis fans have it boiled down to a science.

4. This is your dream guitar.

Noel Gallagher’s famous Epiphone Union Jack guitar that he wielded at their Manchester Maine Road gigs is the dream guitar for all Oasis fans. His guitar was then recreated for the masses as a limited edition Epiphone Sheraton and every guitar-playing Oasis fan either has it or wants it.

5. You buy magazines just because Liam or Noel are on the cover.

Lots of magazines, especially NME, love the controversial Gallagher brothers and NME even put them on the cover of their magazine more than any other artist. Anytime you see Liam or Noel on the cover of a magazine, you have to have it.

6. You think Liam Gallagher’s Twitter page is literally the best thing ever.

You’re constantly entertained by Liam’s brilliant Twitter page where he usually ends his tweets with “LG x” and you probably retweet and favorite most of his tweets. Some of his best work includes, “Kanye West. Utter S**t. LG x” and “S**TBAG.”

7. You hear Oasis reunion rumors all the time and just have to accept that it’s nonsense.

The British press, especially tabloids, puts out false stories about an imminent Oasis reunion on a regular basis and though people get excited about an Oasis rumor now and again, you know not to believe the hype until it comes directly out of Noel’s mouth.

8. You disagree with other Oasis fans over whether Definitely Maybe or (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? was the better album.

Most Oasis fans agree that their first two albums are the finest of their career, but many fans still disagree about which was better. You may prefer the grittiness of the first or you may prefer the more refined songwriting on the second album. You might even have had to flip a coin to decide which you like better.

9. If you are a guy, you probably have had some variation of one of Liam’s haircuts.

Another quintessential part of the Liam Gallagher look was his Paul Weller and John Lennon influenced hairdos. If you’re a guy, you’ve definitely tried to pull off one or more of Liam’s classic cuts.

10. You know the b-sides are just as good as the singles.

Noel Gallagher is one of the best songwriters that the world has ever seen and his brilliance did not stop after their singles and album tracks. As an Oasis fan, you know that songs like “Talk Tonight," “The Masterplan” and “Stay Young” stand just as tall as their classic singles.

11. You probably hated Blur at one point and maybe still do.

Oasis was in a pretty heated rivalry with fellow Brit-pop band Blur in the '90s. If you’re a die-hard Oasis fan, you probably abhorred Blur at one point and maybe still do, even though both bands have since made up.

12. You probably have had disagreements with other Oasis fans about their classic lineup.

Besides Liam and Noel, the band’s lineup included Andy Bell, Guigsy, Alan White, Zak Starkey, Bonehead and more. Most Oasis fans disagree about which lineup they should use in the event that they reunite, but fans definitely have their own favorite lineup prepared.

13. You’ve integrated 'madferit' into your vocabulary and you use the term regularly.

Liam Gallagher’s famous phrase, which he uses to describe anything that he loves, has since been widely used among Mancunians and Oasis fans. When someone asks you about today’s pleasant weather, you reply that you’re madferit!

14. You most likely got into bands that inspired Oasis like The Jam, The Smiths and The Stone Roses.

As a result of hearing Noel and Liam constantly sing praises of them and talk about their influence on Oasis, you’ve probably looked up bands like The Jam, The Smiths and The Stone Roses and got into their music as well.

15. Whether you’re Team Liam or Team Noel, you just wish they’d both stop fighting and get back together one day.

As entertaining as it is watching Liam and Noel take cheeky shots at each other, you just wish the fighting would stop and they would make music together again and if that Oasis reunion ever comes around, you would literally give up your left arm to see them live.

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