For those who have never heard of the abbreviation "TR." It stands for Travelers Rest. Travelers Rest is a small town located in Greenville, South Carolina. This is my hometown that I grew up in from my primary years until the end of my high school career. Here is a list of things that only people from TR would understand.

1. Walmart is the only place open past 10pm .

2.  Everyone knows EVERYONE! 

3.    Sayings like “We Are TR” will stick around forever.

4.     Fans are there at every Friday night football game win or lose.

5. You know ALL the words to "Don't Stop Believin."

6.  You have heard all the rumors about Paris Mountain.

7.    Riding around back roads for "fun."

8.  Seeing someone you know at any local store.

9.   Eating at Whistle Stop, Sidewall Pizza or Farm House Tacos.

10. A community that comes together.

Growing up in a small town Is a great thing that I wish everyone could experience. Although, most people that I run into now do not know where Travelers Rest is located or they think it's some sort of rest stop. I want them to know Travelers Rest is much more than that. TR is filled with a loving community that comes together for the good and bad and although we may have moved apart and gone our separate ways, our love and memories will always last!