You Know You're From Pittsburgh When...
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You Know You're From Pittsburgh When...

Sometimes you have to leave your hometown in order to fully appreciate it, that's what happened to me.

You Know You're From Pittsburgh When...

There are so many people who get to call Pittsburgh their home and I am one of those lucky people. I got to spend my childhood religiously watching "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" and going to the Eagle's Nest while my mom was grocery shopping. I was only allowed to drink pop at grandma's house with my chipped ham sandwich. I grew up thinking Heinz was the only ketchup that existed and it was completely normal to put fries on your sandwiches and salads.

It wasn't until after I spent a few months away at college that I realized how strange, yet great this city I get to call home truly is. I never thought I'd say this, but once a yinzer, always a yinzer. (ps. summer has lasted a little too long because my "pittsburghese" is back in full swing).

Whether you have spent your entire childhood or entire lifetime living in the wonderful Steel City, you know you're from Pittsburgh when...

1. A Primanti's sandwich holds a special place in your heart

This sandwich will seriously change your life.

2. No matter where you are/who you're with, you'll always cheer for your home team

Always keep that Terrible Towel close by.

3. Your daily commute includes at least one tunnel and a few bridges

Good luck getting around without crossing at least one bridge.

4. Kennywood day was the most anticipated day of the year as a child

With The Thunderbolt, Potato Patch, and cotton candy, how could anyone not be excited for Kennywood?

5. You completely understand "Pittburghese"

It's called pop, not soda.

6. Mikey and Big Bob got you through some rough mornings

"Turn on the Morning Freak Show, please"

7. Heinz is the only ketchup you'll eat

There are actually other brands of ketchup?

8. You appreciate the amazing view at the Buccos games

It never gets old.

9. And understand the importance of the Pierogi Race

Jalapeno Hannah for the win!

10. You've tried to recreate the "Perks Of Being a Wallflower" scene at least once

I'm guilty of trying more than once.

11. Then drove to Mount Washington to photograph the skyline

Always beautiful, no matter the time of day.

11. You put fries on your salad without hesitation

Wait, this isn't normal?

12. No one understands your attachment to Mister Rogers

Thank you for all the wonderful lessons.

13. You're guilty of putting your hand or foot in the point water at least once

It's just so tempting

14. You're always proud to say your hometown is Pittsburgh, PA

And why wouldn't you be?

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