"You Know your a twenty-five year old crazy Cat Lady"

"You Know your a twenty-five year old crazy Cat Lady"

The best stress relief has four legs a purr

Cassi Burgin

gHave you ever wondered what it's like to be what some people consider a crazy cat lady? Well, to be honest, I've never had to wonder because for as long as I can remember I've been a crazy cat lady. I've had cats living in my house for as long as I can remember and I will probably always have a cat.

When I was 16 my mom brought home my beloved Mac, he wears a gray tuxedo and he's my best friend. When he was little I taught him how to give Eskimo kisses and he still does it to this day. When you put your nose at his level he will reach out and touch it with his. He loves to go outside and bring home presents and while I don't always like it, I always praise him and freak out after the fact. When Mac came home we still had Inky who was less than pleased to have him in the house. Ultimately Inky got over it and came around. Inky was a pretty great cat himself, he was all black with brilliant green-gold eyes. He trained Mac in the ways of being lazy and loving those who feed him. Inky really was only good at one thing in his later years and that was sleeping, he preferred his 'Posh' indoor life to that of being outside. Now in his later years, Mac has begun to do the opposite. He loves the outdoors and hunting but always enjoys a good nap in my bed.

A couple years after Inky's passing I decided that we needed to bring home another friend. Thus enter Marble a beautiful flame point siamese with vibrant blues eyes and a brown heart shaped patch on his head. Well, he doesn't look like your typical everyday siamese, his voice, his love for heights and small places will show you that he is. There is not a small place in our house where Marble has not tried to sleep. His favorite spot used to be in my childhood dollhouse, now he sleeps in garbage cans and closets. Marble has a love for hunting, the outdoors and food. We often joke he has a worm because as soon as he demolishes the food you give him he wants more,he could eat us out of "House and Home" if he really wanted to.

When Marble came home Mac acted the same way Inky did. He would reach out and swat Marble with one paw successfully sliding him across wood floors and ceramic kitchen tiles. He also used to knock him off our Ottoman. It was all part of training him to be tough, so he could stand up for himself. Mac has done a wonderful job in that aspect as Marble is one of the toughest cats I've seen. Most would think of Mac as a bully, and in some cases, it does seem that way, but there was no stopping him. Just like Inky trained him he has trained Marble.

Inky didn't teach himself, when he came home we had Tanger. I was seven so I don't really remember how they interacted but I'm reasonably sure it was much how these interactions have gone the last few times a new cat has come home. Tanger was my first pet, who started my crazy cat lady journey. He wore an orange suit, white toe socks, and knee highs. His original companion was a tabby named Buddy who had been my mom's cat. Between Tanger and Mac, there was Gus, he was all gray and the sweetest cat you could ask for. Gus was one of the best cats a girl could ask for. He loved to be up high and once climbed a tree and sat on top of my bird house.

After looking back at my cat history I can see why I have become a 'crazy cat lady' at such a young age. Cats are all I have known for 25 years, and never has one of them done me wrong. I have always loved having the companionship of a four-legged friend who purrs and knowing what I know now I always will. While the older cats have always trained the younger cats, they have trained me in the process. My friends often joke that they would love to be a cat in my house. I won't lie, my cats are spoiled absolutely rotten,I often say "only the best for my four-legged friends."

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