As of late, I have begun to notice that while successes are extremely exciting times and can make us feel like we could accomplish literally anything, failures come just as often. It could be as small as not doing the laundry correctly and having some of your whites become gray, or it could be as big as you didn't get the internship that you had your heart set on.

Both of these failures are valid, and while you have the right to be upset over them, we need to realize that these failures do not define us.

After recently experiencing a dreaded rejection, I couldn't help but get upset about it and mull over the fact that I wasn't capable of accomplishing anything after that. I felt like because I could not succeed at this one thing, then I was doomed to a future of failure and shortcomings. Now, I might have been playing the part of the victim pretty well, but I have realized that many people go through these same stages of self doubt and, need I say, bitterness when failing.

However, failures are not bad things at all.

The teach us what we need to do in order to improve upon ourselves. They help us understand what is necessary for us to have so that we can succeed in the future and in the "real world." We can look at failures all we want as our shortcomings, but they help shape us.

We've heard the same old life lesson, that you learn more from your failures than your successes. And yeah, that's basically what I'm saying. But this is more a wake up call to some people that might have experienced a rejection or failure recently and needed to hear this: You are going to be okay.

Your failures are not what is wrong with you. Your failures are there to help. You are so much more than what you did not accomplish. You are what you will accomplish later on. You are defined by how hard you work for the next opportunity that comes your way.

Don't think that a failure is the end.

It's a revision to get you to a better outcome.

I have come been faced with a lot of failures in my life, as many others have, and while it is always hard to remind myself that this is not the end of the world, I have to remember that there are so many more opportunities to come.

This is not the end.

If you work hard after your failures, you are so much more likely to see outcomes. You're allowed to sulk for a little. It's normal and healthy. Don't pretend like it doesn't bother you because that doesn't help anyone.

Just don't let it consume you.

Remember the end goal. Remember who you are. Remember that you are more than your failures. You can do this. Push through this and work harder.

Keep your head up.