Yesterday, the sun shone on us just like it used to.

Clouds warmed the sky as the breeze lightly cooled us down.

The sun's beams illuminating the paths that we've yet to choose.

Our options weighing in on us.

Choose. The world seems to whisper to us.

Choose, Choose.

So many options. So little time. A phrase that's never truly understood until it's too late.

Yesterday the world seemed brighter, almost

As we played on the street instead of our technology.

Us growing up was nothing but a thought floating far from our distance;

I guess that's the thing about growing up without a care in the world though; it's really hard to see everything move around

So instead, we laugh, play and dream.

We dream and dream until we can't anymore; until we realize that growing up is nothing like we thought it would be.

Yesterday, I promised myself everything would be okay.

I had a big dream that nobody else could fathom despite all the doubt that sparked all around me.

Yesterday, we were sane.

As we reminded ourselves that love was such an easy thing to play.

We enjoyed life to the fullest, but today just seems to cave in

Reminding us of all the love and heartbreak we still have yet to learn and feel.

Reminding us that we're still too young to truly understand how the world exactly works.

Yesterday, we were all better as the sun went down and the horizon met with our eyes.

Yesterday just seems like a better time to reminisce, to remember and embrace all the hardships we've had.

Tomorrow though, tomorrow brings new things.

New choices, new paths, new memories.