Perfect Writing: Creative Ways of Writing Your Custom Essay

Perfect Writing: Creative Ways of Writing Your Custom Essay


Custom essay writing is a dreadful and tiresome task for many students. Whether it is a class assignment, a scholarship application, or contest writing, the task seems to be overwhelming and burdensome to many students. Hence, the majority wonder how they can overcome the challenges they face when writing an essay. Additionally, this is because they cannot refrain from working on their assignments as they reflect on their overall academic performance in a huge way. So, it is fundamental you learn how to improve your writing skills and get the grades you have been yearning for.

"While custom essay writing is a large and daunting task, there are many creative ways to write an essay you can use to breakdown your assignment into manageable parts," said Kenny Gill, a head of academic writers at CustomEssayOrder. Following this procedure is the easiest and simplest method to learn how to write a college essay and produce the perfect paper. And, according to experts, below are some creative writing tips and techniques you can use to write your custom essay.

Consider the audience

While writing your custom essay, you need to factor in that people will want to read it. Hence, you need to ensure you study and understand the reader(s) well. What are their interests? What captivates them in an article? What are they looking for in a paper? Answering these questions will not only help you to identify and recognize their interests and incorporate it in your paper but also produce the best article. So, do not write any essay because it is a compulsory task. Dedicate your time, focus, and effort to deliver the best article.

Start in the right way

When handling your essay writing assignment, you may find yourself staring at a blank paper for long hours. This is because you have no idea or clue on what to write about. Additionally, you do not know the angle to approach your article from. Hence, you may wonder how you will start your paper. Do not think much about it. Begin your rough draft with anything relating to your article that comes to mind. After writing, go through it and see if it captures the reader's eye. If not, modify it in a manner it will grab the readers' attention. Start your essay with a strong hook which can comprise a description of a happening, a bold phrase, or some profound words.

Embrace the traditional creative structure

Embracing the traditional method of writing is one of the easiest ways to write an essay. Article writing in the traditional method comprises of three parts: the structure, the argument, and the elucidation or solution. In the structural part, this is where you introduce the main characters and the matter at hand. The argument section is where you state the main issue which requires a resolution. The elucidation or solution part is the climax whereby the resolution of the issue at hand occurs.

Incorporate metaphors

Embracing the use of metaphors in your paper is one of the effective essay writing tips. They help you to provide the audience with an image which not only enables them to comprehend the concept you are trying to explain at a deeper level but also make them enjoy reading your paper. So, if you do not know how to put your context in a manner the audience can understand, embrace the use of analogies.

Provide detail for your article

Detail is essential when it comes to creative custom essay writing. Not only does the audience need to have an interest in your article but also want to read more of it. Additionally, you need to haul or heave their emotions. They need to have an engagement or come alive when reading your story. So, it is crucial you provide detail in our paper. Expert writers at essay writing service Edu Jungles have an opinion, that lack of detail in an essay not only makes it sound plain but also boring. The audience will lose interest in it with ease and may not want to read some of your other papers.

Revise and edit

Every writer even professionals make a mistake when writing their articles. And forwarding a paper full of errors cannot only exhibit your writing skills to the audience but also affect your academic performance. So, it is vital you revise and edit your essay after you are through with writing process. Go through your paper more than once to ensure it comprehends to the topic, meets the essay writing needs and requirements, and is free from grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. You can also read it out loud to a friend or have them read it for you. This will help you spot the errors you may miss during the revision process.

Try to approach the issue from a different perspective

To embrace creativity when writing your essay, you need to refrain from using the same approach in all your papers. Your professors or instructors want to see you develop and nurture your writing skills. And to prove to them that you are improving, you need to embrace uniqueness in your article. Approach the issues at hand from different and unusual perspectives. Use angles your professors and instructors do not expect. This will help produce a unique and outstanding paper.

Think of the best time to manage your task

One of the easy ways to write an essay is finding the perfect time to handle it. You should not manage your writing task when you have other pending assignments which require your attention. Custom essay writing necessitates that you bestow your essay writing assignment with enough time, focus, and effort. Failure to do so will result in your producing a low-quality article which will affect your grades. So, ensure you find the perfect time to handle your essay writing assignments. You can either work on your tasks early in the morning when the mind and body are fresh. Or, you can work on them in the evening when you are through with the day's activities. Choose the time which best suits you and tackle your tasks.

In conclusion, custom essay writing is an overwhelming and tiresome task for many students. Not only is it a mandatory task but also requires one to meet all the essay writing objectives. Thus, many students find it to be a daunting task. Hence, they wonder how they can go about them without impacting their grades in a negative manner. Do not think much about how you can handle your essay writing tasks. Above are some essay writing techniques you can use to produce the best paper. Additionally, embracing the tips above will help you get the grades you have been yearning for.

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Taylor Swift Is Making This June The Perfect Pride Month

Taylor Swift is doing the most for pride, and the whole world is here for it.


To start off the month, Taylor Swift created and posted a petition on all of her social media platforms through, to encourage her fans to support the Equality Act. She explains to her fans that the Equality Act, which protects LGBTQ individuals from discrimination, has been passed by the House but that the bill has yet to go in front of the Senate. The petition is a way for Swift and her fans to put pressure on the Senate to support the Equality Act, giving fair rights to everyone. If you haven't gotten a chance to sign the petition, you can find it here.

Not only did Swift create this petition on June 1, but she also changed her profile picture on all of her social media platforms to contain a rainbow overtone, showing support for pride.

Next, Swift performed at Wango Tango, a yearly Los Angeles concert that is the unofficial start to the summer. Swift wore a beautiful rainbow outfit as pictured that, again, showed her support for pride and the community it helps to bring together. Swift also gave a speech at Wango Tango, encouraging listeners to sign the petition she had made and stating, "You know, a lot of my songs are about love and I just feel like who you love, how you identify — you should be able to live your life the way you want to live your life. You should have the same exact rights as everybody else," publicly taking a strong stance in front of the Los Angeles crowd.

Swift's released a new single, "You Need To Calm Down," on June 14th. Right away, it was evident that the song had political undertones, which Swift already has said in interviews would be the case with her upcoming seventh studio album, "Lover." The song features lines like "shade never made anybody less gay" and "can you just not step on his gown," which alludes to the LGBTQ community.

Her music video for the single came out on June 17th, and features celebrities openly part of the LGBTQ community such as Ellen, Laverne Cox, Billy Porter, and Hayley Kiyoko, with pride flags throughout the video and two men getting married with others rejoicing around them. Swift also closed out her video promoting her petition that she started at the beginning of the month, still encouraging her fans and viewers to stand for equality for all.

Taylor Swift is doing the most for pride, and the whole world is here for it.

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