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Writing In A 'Gratitude Journal' Every Night For A Week Changed My Outlook On Life, And It Can Do The Same For You

After hearing about what a gratitude journaling is and how it works in regards to meditation, I decided to start one of my own.

Writing In A 'Gratitude Journal' Every Night For A Week Changed My Outlook On Life, And It Can Do The Same For You

In today's world, there are so many distractions, obligations, and stress-filled situations in our day to day lives that it is easy to overlook the good that is still alive in society. Last week, my boss told me about her "gratitude journal" and explained that this small tradition has allowed for her to focus on things that she is appreciative of, rather than the negative things in life. Therefore, I began my own gratitude journal.

A gratitude journal is a small, notebook that you use as a journal to jot down things that you appreciated, were grateful for or made you happy during the day. I made it a point to write down at least five things each day for a week that I was grateful for. I learned many things from this experience including the reality that good things DO happen every day, sometimes we are just blind to positivity.

The first day was actually pretty easy! So many great things happened to me that I would have often overlooked or taken for granted. When reflecting on the situations by writing them in the journal, I realized that small things CAN change your mood and create a happier atmosphere. A few things I wrote about included receiving $14 in tips, drinking a free cup of coffee, and watching a "The Notebook" while cuddling with my kitten. While these instances may not be life-changing, they were enough to make me smile throughout the day!

Feeding my fish and watering my succulents were two of the five jottings in my gratitude journal for day two! On day three, I received two compliments regarding my hair and one regarding my contagious positive attitude while at work! I also began reflecting on things that my loved ones were doing as well! I wrote down things I was proud of that my sisters had accomplished, things that I appreciated my mother and grandmother did for me, and things that I saw strangers do for others that made me feel as though there IS still good in the world!

As the days continued, I found myself becoming more and more excited to write in my journal at night. I highly recommend trying this meditation technique, even if just for a week! It really allows you to take a minute from hectic, stressful, negative life and appreciate the moments that are filled with positivity, happiness, and peacefulness. My gratitude journal is definitely something that I plan on continuing!

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