8 Things That Every Writer Can Identify With
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8 Emotions Every Writer Can Relate To

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8 Emotions Every Writer Can Relate To

All the feelings.

1. Caffeine-jitters.


It's the life blood of writers everywhere. I seriously have a problem...

2. Procrastination.


When we avoid writing to the point of being productive in every other part of our lives just to further procrastinate writing.

3. Stress during NaNoWriMo!


The hardest month of the year, and the most rewarding. It basically consumes every free hour of the writers participating for the entirety of the month. Writing 50,000 words in 30 days is not easy.

4. Zeal from reading a great book.


And thinking that it is the most beautiful piece of prose ever written, and that you'll never live up to them.

5. Boredom from reading a terrible book.


Cringing at the train wreck you somehow can't look away from, and it at least reaffirms that you're somewhat good at writing.

6. Pain when reading your own writing.


Especially first drafts. It's like listening to yourself on a voice recording, it's the worst.

7. Panic when someone else reads your writing.


The constant nail-biting involved with asking someone for feedback. You want to ask them how much they've read, what they think, and if they have any notes, but you don't want to be too annoying. So, you sit quietly, freaking out.

8. Sadness while you edit your writing. 


Not only have you made a million and a half grammatical errors, cutting writing that you've worked on for months, or years, it is a painful, painful thing.

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