I Love My Hobbies, But Sometimes I Need A Push To Actually Do Them

So I've been writing for Odyssey for almost two years now. I've written silly articles, and I've written more serious ones. I've spent an hour on an article, and I've spent days on an article. I'm nearing my 100th article, and I'm still going.

But you know what? Some weeks, I have no inspiration. Some weeks, nothing interesting comes to me, and I question if there is a single thing in the world that I like. And this week was one of those. I need to write an article, but alas, there are no sparks in my brain.

When this happens, I often think that maybe my time writing for Odyssey is coming to an end, and I just don't have the passion for it like I used to. However, this thought also makes me sad because I love writing, and Odyssey is my commitment to writing.

As much as I do enjoy writing, if I didn't have Odyssey, these creative blocks would completely stop me from writing. However, I know that I need to write an article a week, so I keep my brain churning for an idea to write ~500 words about.

Sure, sometimes my churning pops out a simple article about Taylor Swift or dog pictures or Starbucks... but a lot of times, this churning forces me to reach further into myself and pluck out deeper issues that I'm thinking about or that mean a lot to me.

So as much as writing can feel like a burden, having this commitment to it inspires me to dig deeper and remember why I love writing and words so much.

Odyssey gives me an outlet to think deeper and write my feelings, perspectives, and ideas. It gives me structure in a hobby that could otherwise easily get pushed to the wayside.

So yeah, sometimes I want to quit... but then I think about the alternative and it motivates me to keep writing because it is something that I enjoy, and I want to keep at it.

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