Guy Ritchie directs Statham as revenger in ‘Wrath of Man’
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Guy Ritchie directs Statham as revenger in ‘Wrath of Man’

With a setup that feels a little underwhelming, H (Jason Statham) is plunged into a new identity as a cash truck guard playing a role to weed out whoever committed the heinous act he wishes to avenge. Guy Ritchie directs Statham in an evolving story.

Guy Ritchie directs Statham as revenger in ‘Wrath of Man’
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Action-thrillers are a joyride. And "Wrath of Man" is robbing the cash from out the back of that ride and presenting you face to face with a vengeful stranger named H, played by Jason Statham. This is a solid watch in the bank heist genre, if I can get away with calling it that.

Guy Ritchie's latest sets viewers up with a shocking pivotal moment as the opening sequence, which we come to understand is the spark that lit our man H's rage ablaze. But, before we find that out, we know H to be a seemingly peaceful man making a fine addition to the cash truck company which transports millions of dollars each week.

While the premise is expectedly average, the Ritchie style is anything but. Expecting some great camerawork and directing style? Look no further as this is a fresh look at the action tale we thought we knew. But secrets are meant to be shared, and Ritchie does peel back the layers of H's wrath in a chaptered story that I appreciated. As the story progresses, H's true motive as a vengeful father and reputable crime boss comes to light.

This truth makes its way into the fold via flashback where we see multiple points and perspectives in this story. For one, we get the background about what set H on a path for revenge, and it's not too unique but it's still reasonable. Additionally, there is a whole cast of characters leading the antagonistic party, and their motivations are shown, with iconic tabletop planning included. Overall I understood each player's part of the puzzle and was ready to see it come together.

Unfortunately, the merging of these players was not a clean fit. We saw hidden agendas appear unexpectedly, and while it makes for generating even more dislike for the villain, I didn't find value in those twists. I admired our character H but his quest for revenge didn't seem as calculated as the film makes out. Planning was involved, but he ultimately got lucky that he recognized the one he needed to. Considerably, it can be said being at the right place at the right time is realistic enough.

A hefty dose of action, great new Statham material, and another solid cash truck heist that reminds me of a GTA mission. This is a solid gun action flick with non-linear storytelling, and worthy of a watch with your action fan friends. Oh, and Post Malone makes a cameo! I wish I could say this film was impressing me in new ways, like increased representation, or notable female leads, but it remains dormant in those avenues.

If you've got some thoughts on "Wrath of Man" I didn't capture here, let's talk on Twitter! You can follow me @JSYKnowa and catch all my review updates there.

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