My sister and I have been to every Taylor Swift tour, minus the Reputation tour. But that's on Netflix and we have watched it countless times. I own all the CDs, yes, CDs. I think Taylor is an amazing songwriter, vocalist, and performer. But every musician has some bad apples in their discography. Don't hate, there are only a few songs on this list.

1. "Getaway Car"

"No nothing good starts in a getaway car"

Taylor, you're correct, "nothing good starts in a getaway car." This song is full of borderline puns and imagery. The imagery does not create a story that many people can relate to. I don't know what it's like to sneak away into a car. I felt like I was listening to a bad retelling of Bonnie and Clyde. I know Taylor wanted the similarity of Bonnie and Clyde, but geez. Skip!

2. "Teardrops On My Guitar"

7-year-old me would cry if someone said this song was not too good.

Okay, this song inspired me to be obsessed with that one boy with blonde hair in third grade. This song blew up her career and the stereotype of crying over boys was in full swing. I have listened to this song so many times that I know every word. But I know that I cringe at how well I know this song. I can't do it anymore. We are skipping this song for here on out if you haven't been already.

3. "Out Of The Woods"

Another song that is full of imagery. However, this one is full of repetition and I just want to know who let Taylor repeat herself so many times. I found myself trying to decode this song every time I listened to it. Which ex-boyfriend was this? Who has all these stitches? What woods? We are tired of secrets, Taylor. Bring back the songs with names and specifics. Skip!

4. "The Moment I Knew"


Boy oh boy here comes the sad, sad, songs. I am not a fan of the melody in this song. Taylor's voice isn't the best, compared to her other songs. This song is about a boy standing her up on her birthday. Come on, Taylor. This was on her fourth album, Red. The song is a great story but not a great song. Skip!

5. "Welcome To New York"


The opening anthem to "1989" and it should have been cut. The production of this song is a big thumbs down. Also a bit repetitive. The song has a good message behind it. Everyone loves New York City, and Taylor is extremely thankful that she has a fancy apartment tucked away in the city. But we gotta skip this one.

6. "New Year's Day"

The "Reputation" album was a hit or miss for me depending on the track. This song is always a miss. I enjoy the piano a lot. The lyrics are not my favorite. Nothing stands out from this song. We have seen Taylor be so bold with her lyrics in the past, what happened? What pages are you singing about? Why can't the person read the last page? Why was this the last song on the album? Skip!