The Worst Partners For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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This Is The Partner Your Zodiac Sign Should Avoid At All Costs

While you should never let astrology completely dictate who you do or do not date, you should let me, just kidding.

This Is The Partner Your Zodiac Sign Should Avoid At All Costs

You're probably familiar with the zodiac signs you're "supposedly" compatible with and which ones to avoid. And while you should never let astrology completely dictate who you do or do not date, you should let me (just kidding).

Honestly, astrology can be freakily accurate sometimes. Knowing your sign can really help guide you to make the best life decisions. That's right, you don't need a therapist, you just need a little in-depth knowledge of your sun sign.

Let's talk Libras and Capricorns, the two signs may be compatible in most ways, but Libras are known to be spenders while Capricorns tend to steer on the side of saving. And of course, relationships between spenders and savers will probably require a lot more compromise.

And that's just one example. So here are the types of people you probably shouldn't date, based on your zodiac sign:

Capricorn: Mr. Lackadaisical

Capricorns are pretty practical signs. They know when and how to put the work in to get where they need to be. Therefore, lackadaisical people will quickly be shown the door. Capricorns won't just stay with people who don't show a reasonable amount of work ethic.

Aquarius: Anyone Self-Centered and Conservative

As an Aquarius, your biggest goal is to make the world a better place and anyone who doesn't share the same goal can see themselves out.

Since Aquarius' is well-known for being a little eccentric, anyone with a conservative personality will also rub you the wrong way. Your partner needs to match your eclectic style.

Pisces: Mr. Technical

You should also probably stay away from the types who are tied to technicalities. These types of people won't ever make it to your heart either. As a Pisces, you're a dreamer, so you need to be with someone who appreciates that some things can't be explained through logic.

Aries: Mr. Needy and Rather Stay In Bed

Aries are fire signs, and you guessed it, this just means you like to live your life as firey as possible and have no time for a partner you'll be constantly begging to go cliff jumping, getting a tattoo, or grabbing that scuba license.

And someone who's too needy is going to get way on your nerves since you'll already be too busy being your own center of attention.
Just remember, 'he's not the sun, you are." Thanks, Christina Yang.

Taurus: The Flake

Taurus are known for being stable, loyal, and there when you need them, and because of that, flaky people will absolutely rub them the wrong way. The hard truth, you're dependable. So why should anyone else get away with not being dependable?

Gemini: Mr. Never Speaks

While the silent type may work out with you for a little while, everyone gets tired of hearing themselves talk eventually. If they don't learn to speak up, tell them to hit the road. This one is just not for you.

Cancer: The Nomad and The Critic

Cancers are homebodies, that's just it. Cancers want a warm and cozy home, and most want to spend a lot of time there. Trying to date a nomad-type who lives in a perpetual state of wanderlust will drive you crazy.

And don't forget to watch out for people who are too critical. Cancers sensitivity won't allow you to put up with too harsh of criticism.

Leo: The Wallflower

Look out for The Wallflower, they will wear thin on you very quickly. Leos like to be out in plain view wherever they go, you'll resent their tendencies to blend into the crowd.

Virgo: Mr. Messy

Anyone who's noticeably messy would be a bad choice. You like things neat and clean, and anyone with a messy room and messy life will quickly have you squirming.

Libra: Mr. Big Mouth

Mr. Big Mouth won't last long in your life. Even with your need to not "make waves," you will have a strong compulsion to head for the exit if they can't learn to respect your quiet time.

Scorpio: The Pryer

People who pry into your business will get on your nerves to no end. You're a Scorpio, the sign most known for being super secretive. You like your privacy, and there is no breaking that boundary with you. So dating someone who likes to be in everyone's business is a no-go.

Sagittarius: Anyone Who Hovers and Lacks Adventure

As a Sagittarius, you like your freedom. People who hover will immediately cause you anxiety you're losing that freedom. Unless you want a relationship full of fights, steer clear of the hoverers.

Also Sagittarius, you're a known adventurous type. So anyone who lacks the drive to travel and find adventure wherever they go will become a problem for you, especially when the itch to explore new places hits.

And again, you don't necessarily HAVE to be astrologically compatible to make a relationship work, but you know it'll probably help.

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