13 Redditors Discussed Their Worst Dining Experience
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13 Redditors Discussed Their Worst Dining Experience

8. "Once I went to Applebee's and ordered a beer but they served me a turnip and broke my kneecap."

13 Redditors Discussed Their Worst Dining Experience
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There is a rising thread on the popular website, Reddit. Redditors were asked the worst dining experience they've had. While a few people discussed various local and chain restaurants, the vast majority remarked that Applebee's was the worst place they've eaten at. Although hundreds of Redditors told their own tale about their experience at Applebee's, the best ones are listed below.

1. "Went to Applebee’s and found a legit bee in my mashed potatoes. The waitress laughed and said 'wonder if that’s how they got the name.' Then tried to accuse me of putting it in there and refused to get the manager."


2. "Applebee's. I finally learned to microwave my own food."


3. "Applebee's is the reason I don't have a dad."


4. "Went to Applebee's and my boyfriend got chicken tenders or hockey pucks in the shape of tenders."


5. "I see all the Applebee's so I figure I'll add my own. Took twenty minutes to be seated when they weren't busy. The waitress spilled soda on my mother, it seemed on purpose but who knows."


6. "Applebee's: Apparently, when you ask the staff to please stop the spitting contest right outside the window, they'll go to the people outside and point you out. They didn't stop the contest but instead started heckling the window. Staff did nothing. Then when you ask for the manager, he acts as if the people doing to spitting contest is the president's sons, doesn't do a thing, and goes right back to his podium in the back... Then when you call corporate complaint line, they don't give a shit either. No follow up, etc. this was in round rock, Texas.

Also IHOP, because Applebee's and IHOP are owned by the same company."


7. "Applebee's because a friend of mine was refused a third drink because Applebee's is 'a family establishment.'"


8. "Once I went to Applebee's and ordered a beer but they served me a turnip and broke my kneecap."


9. "The first and last time we ate Applebee's I noticed my children looking out the window while we were waiting for our order. Then I realized that they were watching a stream of ants walking along the windowsill. I guess I can't say that we ate there...we left."


10. *"Uh, Applebees because I got a Cheeseburger with a piece of receipt in it."


11. *"Applebee's Dollar Long Island Iced Tea is a lie when you have to drink 12 of them to catch a slight buzz."


12. "If I don't like someone, but I need to get them a gift, I get them a gift card to Applebee's or Olive Garden."


13. "Applebee's. Any place that serves up karaoke with your steak needs to be struck from the list. Good steak restaurants and karaoke are absolutely mutually exclusive."


Moral of the story: Applebee's has gone extremely downhill over the years. Don't eat there.

*Minor edits have been made for clarity

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