The World Cup comes every four years where year-round qualified teams compete for the heavily-regarded, best football nation in the world.

Yes, most countries call soccer, football – on the contrary to the football we play in the United States. Since the tournament's inception in 1930, it's certain that a variety of records, strange facts, and most importantly erroneous experiences occurred over the 88-year history of qualifying matches and tournaments. While not everyone is a fan of soccer, sport trivia and facts can certainly be enjoyable.

With the first round of matches well underway, here's top interesting facts about this 88-year old world tournament of soccer, the World Cup.

1. Brazil and Italy are the most successful countries in the tournament with six (Brazil) and four (Italy) titles as best in the world.

2. Italy, however, did not qualify for the 2018 games for the first time since 1958. And Italy, for the powerhouse football country it is, was quite a shocker to the football world. In fact, I think it's flat out sad they didn't make the tournament. For the US Men's, well, let's not get into how I feel about them.

3. The world cup began in 1930 and has only not had a winner in two specific years (1942 and 1946) due to World War II.

4. The 2018 World Cup is the first to ever be hosted in Eastern Europe, while it's the eleventh time to be hosted in Europe.

5. Iceland and Panama make their debut appearances to the 2018 tournament. And, Iceland tied heavily cheered for, Argentina, in their opening match – quite the shocker and upset if you ask me.

6. Miroslav Klose of Germany has scored the most goals ever in the World Cup tournament with a total of 16 goals over 24 games. This was also the year that Germany won the tournament in 2014.

7. This year's tournament has already tallied as many "own goals" as the entire tournament in Brazil from 2014. It is also one goal away for the record of most "own goals" which was from the 1998 tournament with a total of six. CBS Sports

8. This one is probably my favorite. Fans from England (boozin' in the streets illegally) are staying in prison and detention cells which have been remodeled with nicer toilets, special desserts, and football pitches.

9. The most amount of total goals scored in a game was between Russia and the Solomon Islands in 2008 with 33 goals. "Are those nets regulation sized or WHAT?"

10. Poland and Columbia are two of the top most passionate fans in the world with Colombia's fans in the millions and Poland as an up-and-coming young squad expected for great heights in 2018. These countries are ironically in the same pool and have already lost a game each.

Now get out there, put a match on your television or go to a nearby pub, bar and watch a match with some friends. Football is in the air and to be shared with many friends and family all over the globe!