Congrats! You're doing the thing! It can be hard to stick with a new and healthy resolution after all of the January buzz and excitement is over. It takes a lot of work and effort to make a new habit a priority, especially if it's something you've never done before. But you're doing great! You just need to keep going!

But how do you keep motivating yourself to keep going when everyone else has stopped? It can be hard to push yourself when other friends and family have quit within the first couple days of the new year, but you have to remember that your resolutions are for YOU. You chose this resolution for a reason and will hopefully make you a better person and a happier and healthier one too! As long as you feel like you are fulfilling this resolution for your own benefit than you are on the right track to success!

Also, remember that good things come to those who wait. Nothing that comes right away will ever truly give you satisfaction. Working for something gives you a sense of pride in yourself. So be proud! Slow and steady wins the race and you're in first place!

Lastly, do what's best for you. Taking a break to rest or trying to push yourself to new challenges are both perfectly okay. Resolutions are meant to help guide you in a healthy direction, but always listen to your mind and body to know your limits! Making mistakes or having a few setbacks along the way is perfectly normal. And reaching a new level in your resolution or raising the stakes to your resolution is also normal too! Either way, they increase the challenge and set new peaks and valleys in your journey. So enjoy it, learn from it, and keep working hard!