Recently, Turning Point!, one of the vocal ensembles that I am a part of here at Eastern, was invited to shoot a video for the annual Christmas card. It was an awesome experience, to say the least. We shot the video in the chapel in Walton Hall which has amazing acoustics and it is just beautiful. But before the shoot even happened we had to rehearse. So our director, Ron Matthews, wrote a short arrangement of "Silent Night" for us to learn. We spent the whole week before the shoot perfecting harmonies, working out timing issues, and most importantly, memorizing the music. Then the day finally came for us to shoot the video. We all got dressed up in our turning point dresses and suits and met everyone at Walton. There were lights and cameras and audio equipment everywhere and candles lit all around the chapel which made it even more pretty. So we recorded the audio first which took a couple takes because someone would mess up or something outside the chapel would make enough noise to be picked up on the recording. We finally got the perfect take and moved onto the video portion. It was so much fun to collaborate and come up with different ideas for shots that we thought would look great. I had such a great time working on this video for one of my favourite Christmas carols. Click on the link below to check it out! I hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas!