I've been raised in the restaurant business.

While growing up, my weekends consisted of going to my grandparent's diner for breakfast, the waitresses treated me as if I was their own daughter. Some years later, my grandfather opened a seafood restaurant and every Friday night became a night out at the fancy dinner venue. All of our holidays were at one of the restaurants and they served to be a central meeting point for the family, as everyone was always there. A year and a half ago, my father bought a gastropub in the hipster and young city of Astoria, Queens. My Mother, Father, Brother and I work there. We each have our own responsibilities and we run it precisely. Working with your parents is a great way to learn your abilities and form a relationship as business partners. In this way, being a part of a family owned business keeps you on your feet. Here are 3 things to know about working in a family business:

1.You live with your bosses, be prepared to take work home with you.

2.You learn from those who are closest to you, and no matter what, they have your best interest at heart.

3.You have a different level of responsibility than your friends do, and sometimes friends or even other family members outside of the business may not recognize your level of duty. Chances are, you have much more superior duties than your friends do and that can be confusing. For example, you may have to go home more often because of work, or have a specific amount of time set out to work each day. If you're like me, you are always calling the restaurant or calling your employees to help you fulfill a certain task for the business. There is an added level of responsibility to your plate and that is a great thing, but some may not understand.

I particularly enjoy working for my parents, and feel so lucky that we are involved in the business that we are. I feel fortunate to work with the ones I love and be successful together. Many may not understand your responsibilities and you can always find yourself explaining that you can't party on a Saturday night and you have to go to work instead, but at the end of the day, working in a family business and always being involved is a fabulous thing. These three points sum up the experience of working in the family business.