College is a very stressful time between grades, boys, and social life and the "freshman 15" turns into "sophomore 25" very quickly. But working out and staying healthy is not as easy as you think. Here is why.

1. Food is everywhere... like legit everywhere. And it's all horrible for you.

2. The gym is not only ALL THE WAY across campus but is full of athletes who are very intimidating and machines that you don't know how to work.

3. Laying in bed binge-watching Netflix is so much easier than getting up and working out. It's easier than doing just about anything, actually.

4. Did I mention that food is literally everywhere?

5. You have a ton of homework and studying to do. Reach for textbooks, not french fries.

6. Sometimes... you will even get FREE food.

7. Alcohol is also everywhere, and one shot is close to 1 million calories.

8. Stress eating is a very easy coping mechanism. And it's a real issue.

9. Moms are not here to force feed us vegetables. Or tell us to drink water. Or finally drag us out of bed at 2:00 p.m.

10. Sticking to a schedule and being dedicated is tough, especially when you have a million other things to focus on before you're even allowed to sleep.