10 Reasons You Should Also Work At A Summer Camp

6 Reasons You Should Also Work At A Summer Camp

Summer is full of some many amazing opportunities to make friends and make a difference in people's lives.


While Hollywood has a certain image of a camp counselor my experience taught me so much more than how to play fishy fishy or what time is it Mr. Fox. Working at a summer camp for two years taught me lessons about myself, my faith, and gave me my most treasured memories. It was the best two summers of my life. If you chose to work at a summer camp just know with all of the fun it is exhausting, but you will leave that summer full of love and the best memories.

1. You get to meet new people.

madi griifin person photo

Showing up on the first day for me was overwhelming, but the second I met my friend Kelsey I felt at home. She was so welcoming and allowed me to jump out of my comfort zone which in turn allowed me to work up the courage to talk to other people. The group of people that I got hang out with all week and the many friends I made over the two summers are my favorite people in this world. There is just something about people who come together for a specific goal that makes them all so willing to do the work, and best of all have the most fun.

2. You get to learn new games to take home.


I am not the best athlete. There is no getting around this point, so when I realized that camp required a multitude of games I flipped out. Good thing chicken baseball does not require any baseball expertise. These games are not only easy to learn, but they are fun. It made me feel good that I didn't have to be a varsity athlete to have fun plaything games.

3. Campfires are magical.


A campfire is one of the most amazing things on this planet. Constructing a fire takes a lot of work, but the work that it takes is seen in the rewards of smores. Sitting around a campfire singing songs with friends is one beautiful experience. Who does love to sing a c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song

4. Making dinner with new friends is always an adventure.


Cooking has always been a strength of mine, but that is not the case for all people. I was making dinner with a friend of mine at Grayson UMC and we almost melted a pot. Little did we know that we can not make pasta in a plastic bowl. Thanks to summer camp I now learned that plastic and fire do not mix. Cooking a meal with someone brings you closer and almost leaves room to eat some cookie dough along the way.

5. Stargazing brings people closer.


Stargazing is some of my favorite things to do in the summer. The night is so crisp air and soft grass. The stars look so far away in the open sky above. This peaceful scene leads to some amazing worship. The guitar strumming among the sounds of nature makes me feel that God is right next to me. The nights we got to worship in the open fields were the most amazing nights of all.

6. Dancing in the rain is as fun as it looks on TV


Summer camp means that rain showers are inevitable especially in the state of Georgia. So while a day at the pool may have been what you expected dancing in the rain is so much more fun. Whether it is with your best friend or your summer fling dancing in the rain allows you to let your guard down for a bit and just dance.

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Take that sick road trip you've been wanting to go on, it's actually super good for your health.


We all have a crazy adventure planned, that we live out solely through our Pinterest boards. It wasn't until recently, when I myself took the trip of a lifetime with two of my best friends, that I realized how good road trips can actually be for both your mind AND body.

Driving = Hippocampus Expansion

Taylor Kellogg

Driving, especially long distances, helps your brain with spatial reasoning. A Sunny Afternoon explains that driving actually helps this region of the brain make calculations and increases brain power. Kinda like sudoku... but on wheels.

New places, faces and experiences = MENTAL WORKOUT

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Think of all the cool things you will see, the hundreds of different people you could meet, and the awesome places you'll explore. This overload of new information to process will help your brain build its capacity.


Taylor Kellogg

Fresh air and sunshine is the key to bettering your mind, which leads to bettering your body. Not only do your lungs get a break from pollution-filled air, but the sun boosts the Vitamin D levels in your body to put you in a better mood.

Good company = good mood.

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Choose your travel buddies wisely. Yes, you'll be stuck in the car with them for a LONG period of time, but they also can help with your mental health. The happier you are and the more you laugh, the bigger boost your serotonin levels will get.

You (most likely) will get a lot of good exercise.

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OK, hear me out... I know being cooped up in the car on a road trip isn't very good exercise. It's so important to pick a place that features some sort of physical aspect (I just took a hiking trip to a few national parks in Utah) so you can stretch those legs.

Your mind will thank you for finally going tech-free.

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If you need some backup for convincing your parents to let you go on a road trip, show them this article. You're welcome and travel safe!!!

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I Chose Theatre As A Major And Here's Why

I knew I was in love.


When I was still in high school, I had people come up to me all the time and ask/tell me "What are you going to do after high school?", "What do you plan to do in college?", and "Choose something you would love to do for the rest of your life". I felt like I was under a lot of pressure to choose something others would approve of and that would get me a good job when I left. I had a lot to think about but in the back of my head, I think I always knew what called out to me the most.

I originally came into the University of West Georgia undecided. I was going to take one theatre class and a psychology class to determine what I like better. I would only take one semester to make this decision and after the semester ended I was sure. I thoroughly enjoyed my psychology class and I've always been fascinated by it, however, the deciding factor was the first show I saw in college. The UWG Theatre Company was putting on the first show of the season, "Spring Awakening". It was a musical and I had never seen it or really heard of it before. But I was very excited about seeing what this school and company had to offer.

I still remember being in awe about "Spring Awakening" and how it was done. I enjoyed the lights, set, acting. I was sold on the idea of declaring theatre as my major and I couldn't be more happier. I've learned a lot about myself, others, and how theatre can connect us all. I am going into my last few semesters here and I have cherished all of my experiences both good and bad. While I may struggle every now and again, I would have it no other way. The atmosphere theater brings is very inviting and being around people who love what they do has a way of rubbing off on you too. Thank you UWG and thank you theatre.


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