No, I Won't Stop Refusing To Mourn Mark Salling, Get Over It
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No, I Won't Stop Refusing To Mourn Mark Salling, Get Over It

Don’t be so blinded by your love for some fictional television character that you so easily would forgive a monster like that.

No, I Won't Stop Refusing To Mourn Mark Salling, Get Over It

On January 30th, 2018 Mark Salling was found dead after allegedly committing suicide in California.

The 35-year-old actor played Noah “Puck” Puckerman in the musical television series “Glee” for over six years. Normally, this would seem like a tragic event that the internet would be understandably saddened over.

However, what people seem to keep leaving out is the fact that Mark Salling pleaded guilty to child pornography and was about to face his sentence. Back in January 2016, Salling was convicted twice for pornography charges and was facing seven years in jail that would begin in March 2018.

So why do I refuse to mourn his death? Well, it’s simply because he is a f****** pedophile. He saved pornographic photos of young, innocent children on his personal laptop for the sake of his own sick pleasure. He sexualized images of kids for the sake of jacking off in his bedroom at night.

You say he was clearly in distress and suffering from mental health issues, but guess what? He wasn’t the only one. I know plenty of people with mental health and psychological issues, including myself. But do you know what those people and I haven’t done? Subject innocent, young children to the disgusting world of pedophilia.

Mark Salling’s death was not “heartbreaking.” What’s heartbreaking is that every year nearly 25 million images are reviewed by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. That is 480,769 images per week.

What’s heartbreaking is that boys and girls aged from 0-18 years old have been found in images and videos of child sexual abuse found online.

What’s heartbreaking is that 63.40% of the pornographic images of children found online are of children under 8 years of age, according to the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

No one should be mourning Mark Salling’s death, except for his family who I am sure loved and adored him in spite of his sickening habits.

Everyone else should be mourning the millions of children who are sexually abused every year. The children who will spend the rest of their lives trying to mend what has been broken and scarred because their innocence was stolen from them before they ever had the chance to understand what was happening to them.

Did Mark Salling need help? Yes, you’re right. He did. But I will not feel sorry for any human who could be so cruel, heartless, and inhuman as to use children for their own sexual pleasure.

Let’s not forget that Salling had over 50,000 of these photos in his possession. Those children could have been your sisters. Your brothers. You little cousins. Your sons and daughters.

Don’t be so blinded by your love for some fictional television character that you so easily would forgive a monster like that.

Mark Salling didn’t do something “very wrong.” Mark Salling did something unforgiveable. To me. To those children. And to the ones who loved and had hoped to protect those children.

So rest in peace, Mark Salling. But neither you, or any other pedophile will be missed.

If you or someone you know has faced child sexual abuse, please reach out to these resources:

Darkness to Light:

Stop it Now:

Kids Report;

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