Lessons That Wonder Woman Taught All Females
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Lessons That Wonder Woman Taught All Females

*spoliers ahead*

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This past week, Wonder Woman 1984 came out in theaters and HBO Max! I am not a big movie person, but I loved that movie. I am a stan for girl power, so I thought that the movie was fantastic!

As a Woman, You Can Still Fully Live Out Your Dreams While Being in a Relationship

I adored Diana and Steve's relationship. I love how they both were able to do what they loved as independents but still were dependent on each other. They both chose to love each other even though they could do life on their own since Diana was a superhero and Steve was a pilot. Also, I admired how supportive Steve was. He had no superpowers but was still willing to help Diana wherever she went to fight crime. He put himself in danger multiple times for Diana even though he knew that she could fight crime alone with her powers. He let Diana be an independent woman and he never discouraged her from living out her dreams to fight crime.

We Cannot Have Everything That We Want, and That Is Okay

I thought that the movie had a great take on showing on maybe it's best that we do not have everything we want or maybe it is best that not everything in life is in our control. Maxwell wanted all of the power in the world to prove to the world and his son that he was not a "loser." Once he actually got that power, he caused so much corruption in the world because he gave everyone the opportunity to wish for what they want. If we always got everything we wanted, there would be so my corruption and we would probably dig ourselves into a deep hole. Sometimes, I am really thankful that I never got everything that I ever wished for.

You Can be a Selfless Independent Woman Who Lets Nothing Get In Your Way

The whole movie, I just admired how strong and independent Wonder Woman was. She let NOTHING get in her way. No man, no new distracting friends, no enemies, NOTHING. She fought for the people even though she had her own struggles. When Steve was dead at the beginning of the movie, Diana was still feeling the pain of not having basically her only friend and love around in her life. Even in the midst of her pain, she still chose to be selfless and help people in danger. She was constantly putting the innocent before herself and that really highlighted her amazing character. She knew that she was a beautiful strong woman that many men wanted, but she chose to never settle and she chose to do what she needed to do.

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