A Woman’s Body, and Why We Need to Protect It
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Over the past few weeks, different states such as Alabama, Ohio, and Missouri have wanted to overturn the Roe v. Wade Law, which had implemented that women who are pregnant have the option to have an abortion or not. They had a choice. No one else.

Now, different state governments want to make that choice for women making it so women will have no voice. What is logical about this thinking? None. None at all.

There is a difference between church and state and our government seems to have lost sight of that. Our country was built on separating church and state, but yet we are in 2019 and moving 100 years back after making progress in women's rights. What if an eleven-year-old girl gets raped and ends up getting pregnant? This little girl is still a BABY! She probably does not know what was happening to her at the time she was getting raped. How does one expect her to give birth to a child if she does not even know what happened? Let alone have a baby from a man who raped her? People defend this by saying "Oh, the rape kit will detect it." But what if the little girl doesn't report it right away? Which she probably won't because she won't be able to understand what has happened to her. Can you imagine what she must have thought? Scared for her life? These representatives have the audacity to say that it is "God's will for this child to have this baby." When this is not the fact.

It does not matter if you are Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. It is not the government's place to make that choice for a woman and her body. Most states are banning abortion between 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. Realistically, that is not even enough time for a woman to find out if she is pregnant or not.

If you are Pro-Life, then why don't you care about the women who are already living?

How is it that unborn children have more rights than present women in this country do? If a woman gets an abortion in any of the states who passed the law, they get 90+ years in prison. How does a woman get more punishment for abortion than a rapist? What part of this is fair or even logical? In whose minds are we even considered human beings to these men? Women are the ones who give life.

As a female college student, I shouldn't have to fear for the rest of my life ahead of me to see what kind of changes the government wants to make to my body. No woman should. I would be terrified if my future daughter had to go through what women are going through now.

What will happen now is women will be forced into getting unsafe abortions and will only hurt themselves even more because we can't even take care of our own. We live in a democracy, and yet, we as citizens do not have a say on the matter.

It has been decided that women don't matter at all and that needs to change.

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