Travel Destinations Preferred By Women For Solo Trips
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Travel Destinations Preferred By Women For Solo Trips

More than often we find ourselves stuck in a rut of monotonous routines and unsettled plans.

Travel Destinations Preferred By Women For Solo Trips

More than often we find ourselves stuck in a rut of monotonous routines and unsettled plans. Maybe now is the time to make use of that dusty rucksack you were dying to use. A solo trip is probably the best treat you'll ever give yourself. Think about it! Outright freedom, getting lost in crowds, meeting new people, sipping on wine in a Parisian cafe, the adventures are unlimited.

But as a woman, it's difficult to choose a place which is ideal for you in every way. Hence we've curated a list of destinations preferred by women for solo trips.


A breathtaking European gem and perfect stir of France's Heritage and Italian culture is what you experience at Corsica. Being one of the best beaches in Europe, Corsica offers an exotic sun-dappled coastline experience. Its undeniably rich Cultural heritage, safe and friendly environment, Warm weather and alluring Cuisine is what makes Corsica 'the isle of beauty'. Stunning sandy bays and robust wines, is exactly what our ladies want in this holiday.


Two words, Glamorous and Alive, Buenos Aires is a beautiful city you wouldn't want to leave. Dazzling architecture, splashy nightlife and a shopping paradise, the city is a jumble of adventures especially for women. Though the city never sleeps, it's a safe destination for the woman solo travelers. This holiday season, spice up your trip with Tango shows and Secret bars.


A magical City basked in the astonishing Japanese culture and unique sites. If you want to lose yourself in a whole new world of interesting restaurants, irresistible markets, out of the world gardens, Tokyo is just the place for you! Not only is it one of the finest cities of the world but Tokyo heartily welcomes solo women travelers with women only train cabins, solo seating at restaurants and easy assistance.


Bali is a budget friendly paradise, which will surely quench your longings for spirituality and peace. The fascinating beaches and mesmerizing sunsets is what makes this place so special. As for most women the finest experience has been the charming little markets, Yoga retreats and Instagram worthy cafes. One can find a safe haven in one of the many picturesque villa which ornate the city.


Pack your toughest boots if you like adventure and cold. The captivating natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Sweden makes this city unique. Traveling solo in Stockholm is effortless, thanks to the safe, punctual and efficient transport system. One can find a scent of comity and culture while interacting with the local folks.


Prague is another European gem which is unbelievably pocket friendly. The Medieval architecture, beautiful cobblestone streets and appealing monuments of Prague will warm your heart into comfort. The affluent history and absorbing sites will leave you in awe. If you're in the search of unhindered peace, Prague is the right place for you.


Puerto Princesa is one of the most undiscovered natural wonders in the world. From breezy beaches to the sparkling underground rivers and precious nature reserves, this island can perfectly rejuvenate your soul. Apart from viewscaping, you can explore activities like Firefly watching and Island hopping. This summer treat your mind, body and soul with a never before experience.

So this holiday season, be your own hero and take yourself out on a self-discovering quest for peace and delight. No matter wherever you go, we assure you, you'll come back with the best version of yourself.

Happy Traveling!

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