Women In The Bible: Mary Magdalene
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Women In The Bible: Mary Magdalene

A faithful and compassionate disciple

Women In The Bible: Mary Magdalene
Even the Dogs

Who was Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene was a woman Jesus cast seven demons out of. Magdalene signifies her birthplace, Madgdala. She followed him during his ministry after this miracle. The Bible doesn't say too much about her, but it discusses how she was present during Jesus' death and resurrection. Mary was also the first woman Jesus appeared to after he rose from the grave (Mark 16:9).

What did she do?

Mary was one of the women who watched Jesus die (Luke 23:49). She also sat outside Jesus' tomb after his death and grieved him (Matthew 27:61). She and the other Mary, the mother of James, both brought spices so they could anoint his body.

Why her story matters

Mary's transformation after her healing conveys how the Lord heals people physically and spiritually. Demons filled her body at first, yet she became one of Christ's most faithful followers and followed his teachings. In addition, Luke's inclusion of her in his gospel shows that Jesus valued women and that they played a big role in the gospel story .

Mary clearly loved the Lord and grieved his death. She demonstrates true discipleship and what it means to serve the Lord. She most likely wanted to give him a proper burial ceremony because she told the angels who appeared to her that she didn't know where his body lay (John 20:13). This desire illustrates her compassion and tender heart amid a society filled with people people who beat and mocked the Lord.

Jesus also appeared to her after the angels did. Mary thought he was the gardener and asked if he could tell her where the Lord's body was (John 20:15). She then realized Jesus stood in front of her and said, "Rabboni" (teacher), which further indicates her devotion.

Mary also had tremendous faith in the Lord. The Twelve Disciples were not sure Jesus actually appeared to them at first, but Mary instantly knew she saw the Lord. She then proclaimed that Jesus rose from the grave after he told her to tell the disciples that he would ascend to heaven (John 20:16-18).

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