Walking down any street, many women prepare themselves for the catcalling that may occur, making them feel nervous, protective, and cautious while casually passing strangers.

But why do women still have to put up with the fact that many men in society still do not understand the boundaries of common decency and sexual harassment? Is this the cause of male entitlement or simply society's failure to teach young men the importance of female power?

The unprecedented amount of incidents that instructs women to "never fully trust a guy," "to never walk alone at night," and "to make sure to carry pepper spray," insinuate that a women will never fully be equally integrated into society with men, but rather victims of a male-dictated society that force them to be alert at all times.

It is men of course who dominate every sector of this world, but they lack the knowledge, power, and precedence to protect and secure the trust of a woman, and would much rather abuse and neglect the grievances that she expresses.

Harassment and abuse should not be considered "common," but it is, in fact, an issue that more than half of women will experience in their lifetime, and dismiss it as another daily occurrence that they face. No woman should consider a sexual comment from a stranger a habitual matter, or ignore an unwanted touch by a man.

A woman's rise to power occurs when she realizes that the inequality that she faces in society is in fact deterrent to what she actually represents, and it should be known that women were, are, and will be as powerful as men. It is a time in society where women are no longer a backbone for men, but rather for themselves.