In These Debates Over Roe vs.Wade, We Cannot Forget About Medical Autonomy

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I'm An 18-Year-Old Female And I Will Never Be A Feminist

Honestly, I'd rather be caught dead than caught calling myself a modern-day feminist.

"A man told me to have a good day... I'm triggered." How ludicrous does that sound? Tune in because that is the extent of modern day feminism.

Sure, I think boys are stupid and that I'm probably better than 90% of the male population, but that doesn't make me a modern-day feminist. Now I believe that woman should stand up for themselves, and Golding's quote: "I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been," is by far one of my favorite quotes... but modern day feminism is not something I want to be associated with.

I'm all for "anything you can do I can do better," and "We can do it!" but realistically speaking in some situations, that isn't feasible. As an 18-year-old woman who works out regularly, and is stronger than the average female, I couldn't carry a 190-pound man back to a safe zone after he was shot on the front line of a war even if I tried. It is not anatomically possible for a grown woman to be as strong as a fully developed male.

Reality check: Men and women are not equal.

They are not physically equal, they are not mentally equal. Modern-day feminism is equality between the two genders, but corrupt and on steroids. I support what feminism used to be. I support women who work hard and have goals and ambition... not girls who hate men and stomp around with no shirts on to piss off the public. Feminism has developed into a polluted teaching that young men and women are plunging into.

We are built dissimilarly.

The human brain is literally an organ that is sex oriented. There is a cognitive difference, that singlehandedly destroys gender equality.

I will not spend my time running a revolution against anyone who likes Donald Trump. I am not going to binge watch Trump's twitter in an effort to start some leftist gob of drama. I refuse to be part of this head hunt to attack all Republicans on the newest Instagram post made about how feminism is stupid. I do not hate men, and society would crash and burn without the successful men and women who work together to create what we call the United States of America.

Why, you ask? Why are the 15-25 year olds of our society clinging to feminism? They are hopping on the rapidly growing bandwagon where all the hipsters, feminists and Trump haters reside. It's "cool" to hate Donald Trump. Twitter is a world of liberalism, hatred and fake love towards all. Social media is where this generation is living — and modern-day feminism brews there.

We need to keep separation in the household within roles.

We must raise our children to do what they are best at rather than trying to do something they are incapable of just to prove an irrelevant point.

Women must stand up for what they believe in and be strong in their shoes, while not getting so caught up in what your modern day feminist says she thinks is right.

We cannot let this briskly changing society sway us away from what is going to keep the world working precisely.

Cover Image Credit: Macey Joe Mullins

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Apparently, Not Even Near-Dead Women Are Safe From Sexual Assault

And before anybody asks, no, she quite literally, did not ask for it.


In recent news at a long-term care facility, a woman in a vegetative state gave birth to a baby.

And before anybody asks, no, she quite literally, did not ask for it.

A vegetative state is caused by damage to the brain that impairs one's consciousness. Someone in a long-term vegetative state loses awareness, the ability to think and can't respond to commands. These people are not conscious, yet all the while, not brain-dead. They exist in a murky grey area, and while they are alive, they are not truly living. Other than normal body function and automatic responses to certain stimuli, they are not conscious.

A woman in such a state, unconscious and in the facility to receive care, was sexually assaulted.

She was not pregnant before her condition. Those responsible for her care, according to reports, apparently did not even know that she was pregnant until she gave birth.

This woman's autonomy was stolen from her in her most vulnerable condition. A man, who was supposed to be responsible for her care, for her nutrition and for her well-being, took advantage of her. She could not speak. She could not say anything. But most importantly, she could not say yes. Frozen in her body, her body was not her own. Her autonomy was corrupted, and her consent and rights were blatantly disregarded. In that moment of sexual assault, she was not a person, but a tool — a means for a sinister motive.

My heart hurts for the woman in question, and I hope the perpetrator is apprehended for his crimes.

Even near-dead and unaware, she was sexually assaulted. She became pregnant with a child. One may ask, how many times was she sexually assaulted? How many other women besides herself are abused in similar ways, whose stories have yet to reach the news? How often does this occur to those whose voices are silenced and bodies are stolen?

Women are not tools. They are, shockingly, people. When women are unconscious, they are people. When women cannot speak, they are people. When women are unaware, they are people. And people are worthy of basic respect, decency and human rights.

Women who cannot defend themselves should not have to. A person who can't say no, can't say yes. Consent cannot come from the unconscious.

Her body was and is her body, even in a vegetative state, and no twisted man's "desires" can change that.

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